tids of bits

Borders is now Barnes & Noble. I had no idea. Seriously, when did that happen?

I can pick out the perfect color to put on anyone’s hair but the second I want to do something different with my own, I’m a clueless babbling moron. I think I want to go darker but I know I’ll end up dying it green and then washing it with dish soap a few times to strip the color back out.

Speaking of my hair, I did somehow manage to make the world’s dinkiest ponytail this morning and I realized…I really really miss ponytails.

My boobie ultrasound yesterday revealed that my milk lump is still a lump of milk. 

I got reprimanded for wearing jeans to my holiday party. I planned the whole thing with a teeny budget for almost 40 people on a freaking Tuesday night and that’s the feedback I got. Good thing I was scolded for wearing blue pants made of denim because they are the devil and ruined the whole thing.

Baby had her 6 month checkup last night (6 months! Can you believe it??) – she has sprouted 2 bottom teeth, she’s up to 14.5 pounds and is standing tall at a whopping 2 foot 2, though I think the most surprising thing I learned from her doc is that just like a lot of toothless 95 year old great grandmas, babies can chew without teeth. Funny, I hadn’t thought about that and probably would have pureed her steak and corn on the cob until she was 13.

I’ve been counting the days till Christmas since over a month ago yet I’ve only bought 1 present. I finally ordered some things for the baby today because of a hard kick to my booty prompted by someone at church that I’ve never met buying her gifts before I did.

And finally, Scott and Summer have a new trick. She just giggles and giggles like it’s no biggie while I end up with a trickle of sweat running down my back, pooling in my underwear…




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7 responses to “tids of bits

  1. OMG I’m stressed out just watching that video. It’s seriously adorable but holy crap that’s scary! 🙂

  2. I showed my husband that video, he said, “Ooh, good idea!” He already tries to toss our son up in the air when I’m not around.

  3. This made my night, NAchos. And Inspired me to go get a friend tomorrow so I can play Frankenstein with her hair. Muahaha!

  4. carolyn

    I’m torn – I want to show my husband the video but I also don’t want to give him any ideas! It is pretty amazing to watch when it’s not your kid. They’re a fantastic duo! 🙂

  5. what good posture summer has!

  6. m@7.7.11

    on the topic of random – i know you do pride yourself as a great optimist, which i so admire – i’m a first time new mom too… how do you ever (if ever) stop worrying incessantly about summer? Seriously, i look up/research at least one horrible rare disease every day and i’m a crazy person. We’re talkin, OMG baby coughed twice and has a dry skin patch – could this be urbabysfineandurinsaneosis?

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