ugly holiday sweater day

It’s that time of year again, and I swear every year we have fewer and fewer participants making my chances of winning that much better, muah ah ah ah ah.

Here’s a look back at past years leading up to today…

2008: 1st Annual UHSD – It was a moo-ey Christmas fo’ sho’.

2009: 2nd Annual UHSD…Nothing says Christmas like a barnyard full of animals.

But Jaime, where do the animals sleep when Christmas is over? Ah looky looky…

2010: 3rd Annual UHSD…I was 3 months pregnant under this jingly number:

2011: 4th Annual UHSD….is the best part the little yellow kitty peeking out behind the snowmen?

No sir, it’s the big tree on me bum.

I want the damn nutcracker prize.



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7 responses to “ugly holiday sweater day

  1. Hah! I love it – I wish I had an excuse to buy an ugly Christmas sweater every year…so fun!

  2. those are true winners.

  3. If you want to get rid of your Christmas sweaters, I’ll take those beauties off your hands. (Or you could make Christmas pillows for your couch. Jussayin!)

  4. i LOVE it! I have never had an ugly holiday sweater, and now you’re making me feel like I’ve been missing out!

  5. Mandy S

    Love your choices! I really want to do this every year, maybe I’ll do a Secret Santa/UHS party for next year

  6. Creen - Colleen

    This years is a winner!

    You should donate those sweaters back to goodwill; I think they are in high demand.

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