schmelsea schmaylor, or how my sister got ripped off

Remember this ring?

This is a Chelsea Taylor cluster ring with graduated-patterned tanzanite that my sister Julie bought for me a few years ago from QVC. Though I’ve had the ring for a few years, I didn’t actually know any of this until a few days ago. How did you get so skee-yooled in Chelsea Taylor bling, you ask? I can tell ya it wasn’t because I just had to know the background behind this piece, it was because my sister, Michelle, got royaly duped and people…






It all started one day last week when Mich was babysitting Summer and she instantly fell in looooove when she all of a sudden felt sparkles of light emulating from my jewelry box bouncing off her irises. She saw my ring; it definitely catches the eye and she knew she had to have one.

She started her hunt by asking Julie where she had gotten the ring for me and the answer was QVC. I honestly have no idea where Michelle went from there to find said ring considering QVC doesn’t carry it anymore, but wonder of wonders she found one on ebay and scooped it right up.

Authentic! Chelsea Taylor! Sterling Silver! That’s the ring! It only came in a size 8 but whatever, that’s what the jeweler is there for, right? It could always be sized. Except when the ring came, it was similar but definitely a little different from mine. The head was flatter. Less round. There was a lot less purple and a whole lot more clear in the middle. Since the differences didn’t bother me as much as they did Michelle, hey sparkle is sparkle, I offered to trade her on one condition – I needed it sized which she would have done for herself anyway, because unless I was planning on wearing it on my big toe, an 8 was just too big. I figured it only a small request to at least be able wear the ring that I was trading for. So she took it to Jared.

Oh yeah, she went to Jared.

But Jared took a look at the ring and said they wouldn’t size it because they can’t put heat on the head since the stones weren’t set with prongs. I don’t know how it all works but I guess I didn’t realize they’d even have to put heat on the head… I figured when they make a ring smaller they just snip it and somehow melt the ends together but clearly, I am not a jeweler. 🙂 So instead, they gave her the name of another jeweler that they said would do it, only jeweler #2 said it was a no go as well. Well sheeet.

So I offered to take it to my awesome jeweler who reset my engagement ring and fixed my toothless wedding band this past year and they said sure! No problem! We can do it! We’ll have to send it out to be done with the laser because you can’t put heat on the head dummy and it’s gonna cost you 30 bucks aaaaaaand it’s gonna take 10 days, but sure! We can do it!


So I called Mich, she said go for it, and I left the ring in their capable hands and went on my merry way. And then the phone rang the next day. It was my jeweler. They had sent it out to wherever their magic sizing laser is only to discover that the ring isn’t sterling silver, it’s a basic stock metal and it just can’t be sized. Well sheeet.

Well wait….didn’t the…I’m sure I….

do you not see what I see?

Pretty sure that says sterling silver. So I went back to pick up the ring and asked a few questions….

Do jewelery makers mark their pieces the same? Should this ring have something similar to mine that we know for sure is a Chelsea Taylor ring? Is there any good way to tell if we’re dealing with the real deal or not? Again, I’m so not a jeweler. They said that brands may or may not mark their jewelry with the brand name, but at the very least it should for sure be marked with the type of metal and the two rings should have similar things on the inside of the bands.

So Michelle and I compared the rings and sure enough, mine from QVC says CT for Chelsea Taylor, 925 which I’m guessing is maybe a production number (ha, for all I know it could be an area code), and it says Thailand. The ebay ring has some teeeeeensy little something stamped that’s completely illegible and definitely not what the QVC one says. So after convincing Michelle that there was no good reason to keep a knock off ring that she clearly paid too much for and can’t even wear even if she wanted to, I took charge and emailed the seller today asking for the money back. I wasn’t sweet, I wasn’t mean, I was matter of fact. For now. No response just yet but I’m hopeful since ebay and Paypal are all about protecting buyers. We shall see what happens.

Have you ever had an ebay or Paypal dispute? Did it turn out in your favor?



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11 responses to “schmelsea schmaylor, or how my sister got ripped off

  1. This post cracked me up for some reason! I’m glad you complained…people should probably do that more to shut down fake sellers.

    Also, 925 or 92-5 is the stamp for sterling silver. Anytime you’re not sure if something is real, look for that stamp!

  2. julie

    This post is close to my heart. It sounds as though next time your sister Julie should buy 2 rings, one for you and one for Michelle. It sounds like your sisters have excellent taste in jewelry! Next time might I suggest going to the Jewelry Shoppe in Niles. They will never steer you wrong with jewelry sizing and advice. You sound like a nice sister to be willing to trade to make your sister happy;-) I have filed both claims with EBay, etsy and Paypal and my claims have always been resolved to my satisfaction.

  3. First of all, that ring is AMAAAZING. Omg I want one.

    Second of all…that’s total bullshit! I’d be so so mad. I’m glad you contacted the seller…let us know how it turns out!

  4. Ali

    I’m so glad you contacted the seller, this is BS! Please let us know what happens.
    P.S. Like Ellie said 925 is stamped on things that are sterling silver… I learned this from Tiffany 😉

  5. Creen - Colleen

    Keep us posted. This is crazy.

  6. Oh no!! I just had to comment because you said nobody messes with my sister. Agreed!! I hit a girl on a school bus once because she said something bad about my sister. I just can’t have that!

  7. You should riot the rip-offs. It would be interesting to see a blogger on the news for rioting someone because they screwed her sister over.

    On another note, this made me think about the time this guy was messing with me and being persistent after numerous “Maybe another time”‘s and “What do you not get about no”‘s, and my brother beat the living crap out of him.

  8. I’ve never filed a PayPal claim, but I’m pretty sure Husband has, and they were good about getting things settled. And did she pay with a credit card? Credit cards are usually quick to do a charge-back in a situation like this. Whenever I’m in doubt about an eBay seller (like when ordering from overseas), I use a credit card as my PayPal method — that way I’m double protected. Good luck getting it all worked out!

  9. let us know what happens–glad you aren’t letting them get away with it.

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  11. Boo! I hate hate hate dishonest vendors! Let us know what happens!!

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