To all of you who receive my posts via email and/or have me on Google Reader, I was like a moth to a flame with that darn publish button yesterday. Sorry for the phantom post, just call me Spammie. 🙂

Summer and I are planning a little road trip in the beginning of March to go visit her twin cousins and her Auntie in Michigan. I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of town for a few days and driving through a few states with my girl. While we’re out there we’ll get to put on our party hats and celebrate the twins’ first birthday together. And even though Summer and her cousins live far away from each other now, they keep in touch via snail mail all the time and Summer’s latest letter and package went out on Friday. She never lets me see what she sends though she has a tendency to forget to throw away rough drafts and I always sneak a peek if I can. I found this one crumpled on her bedroom floor tossed over the side of the crib last week. 



I’m still not sure how she climbed up in the pantry but surprise surprise, the green beans, peas, and mixed veggies are missing. She thinks she’s so sneaky.



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5 responses to “penpals

  1. I tried peas with my kid. First time it was ok. Second day he spit them back at me. Then I smelled them. OMG they smell like crap. I tried beans too. Same thing. It’s no wonder that kids hate green vegi’s if that is their first introduction. I threw the rest out and will let him have some frozen peas & beans when he’s feeding himself. At least I eat those so I know they don’t smell like something horrid!

  2. emayendeewhy

    LMAO! what does the blue writing on the mixed veggies say?

    • emayendeewhy

      never mind, it clearly says poo. when i looked at it last night, the p looked like an r. oh, summer! :-p

  3. Hahaha omg this is too funny. Summer definitely seems like quite a prankster 😉

  4. sounds like she’s got a sharp sense of humor just like her mom! (that was a very surreal comment)

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