i wish i were a fish

After finding out from my friend Simona that there’s a place through our park district with 4 indoor pools complete with waterslides, a lap pool, a kiddie pool and a hot tub, Scott and I took Summer swimming for the first time this past weekend. This baby has been in a sink, she’s been in a tub, she’s even been on a boat in the middle of a lake, but she’s never been in a pool. And I still don’t know how I’m just now finding out about this place because it’s practically in my backyard! Wait, no, that’s a nursing home. The pool is practically just past the nursing home in our backyard.

First up, what to wear. My new momma body may be without the baby wieght but I now have curves where there were none before and flat terrain where a once curvy booty and thighs resided. I got to work and pulled every last bathing suit I own out of my drawer, blew off the thick layer of dust that had settled on them, then spent the next hour trying on a bunch of bathing suits that were bought for a different body. People, it was not pretty. I was caught somewhere in the middle of the depths of hell trying to find a balance between looking like slutty mommy and 10-year-old boy. I was stuffing mom boobs, hiking loose bottoms up my deflated bum, contemplating double stick tape and a belt, cringing and then finally tossing aside for the next suit only to end up retrying and restuffing and retossing.

Once I settled on my least offensive suit, I then had to squeezed Summer into hers – again, not easy considering hers is for a newborn and she’s now 7 months. I stuffed that poor baby into her suit like pork in a sausage casing and it’s a good thing those little swimmers diapers don’t expand when they get wet otherwise we might have ended up witnessing a detonation the second her bum touched the water.

Scott picked out his swim shorts. The end. Guys have it so easy, I swear.

So we left the house wearing bathing suits and snow boots, a combo we’ve never rocked before, found the place, paid our $6 for a day pass and we got in the water. We started Summer out in the kiddie pool but after a few minutes I swear she looked as us like, “is that all you’ve got?” So we moved onto the big pool and I’m now officially convinced my baby was a fishy in a past life. I’ve never in my life seen a more content baby… I think the best word for her mood in the water is just zen.



I think we’ll be back and forking out the money for yearly passes. And if you’re really bored, here’s a choppy video about a minute long of us swimming with our fishy. Enjoy if you so choose! 🙂



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8 responses to “i wish i were a fish

  1. Look at her smile!! That is one happy baby! That’s so fun that you found something so close to home that will be such a fun experience for her.

  2. Awe! Somebody loves the water! How awesome is that- we don’t have any local indoor pools through our parks department… I just checked (sad face)

  3. Brittany

    Summer has a sparkle in her eye when she is in the pool! So cute! And looks like your body bounced right back…so jealous!

  4. how fun! what a little mermaid she is.

  5. Slightly off topic, but from what I can see from that photo of you and your little sweetie – your mom body is bangin!! 🙂

  6. I’ve rocked the show boots-string bikini combo once. It was awesome, and my boyfriend at the time was just shaking his head, then he got pants-ed before I shoved him into the pool.

    Summer is so adorable! Not that I want to be a pregnant teenager (I refuse to) but when i have kids later, I want them to be just as adorable as Summer!

    And I have that exact same suit you have on, in three other colors on top of the plain black. It’s awesome and comfy.

  7. emayendeewhy

    what a lil smiley-head 🙂 umm and your mom body is amazeballs.

  8. Look at her kicking her legs in the water – she knows exactly what to do! So glad you discovered the pools!

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