bye bye baby

When I reached in the cabinet for baby mug at work this morning, oooo, I was pissed. Baby mug was gone. Taken again. Immediately I started picturing the faceless head of some evil evil person licking my baby’s sweet little eyeballs again and my language over the coffee pots became rather colorful. Cleaned up in summary it went something like [expletive, expletive] someone stole [expletive] baby mug and someone is going to [expletive, expletive] die.

Then I realized it was on the upper shelf in the cabinet because I put it there to keep it safe. Yep, I stole baby mug.

Summer’s latest development for the last few days is mama separation anxiety which I guess is only fair since I’ve had a case of baby separation anxiety everyday since going back to work, hence the need to drink coffee out of my baby’s face. The difference between her anxiety and mine though is that I don’t cry. Much. And the timing on my weekly baby email this morning couldn’t have been more appropriate…

She must have gotten this one in her inbox and read it before I did because for the last 2 days if I walk out of her sight and worse now, if I turn my back to her and just look like I’m heading towards the door, she sticks out her lip and starts crying big fat wet ploppy tears. I’m not gonna lie, I secretly love that she just absolutely wants to be with me at all times. Love. Love. Love. But with Scott’s job sending him out the door at 3:50am, I’m on my own with baby girl every morning until I leave for work and she and I had such a good routine going – a routine that is officially out the window with this new-found anxiety. Before, on the days that I would shower which, let’s face it, are few and far between now (I know I can’t be the only one who regularly sports day old ponytails and touches up yesterday’s makeup most mornings, right? Right?), I put her in her crib, turn on the music thingy that hangs on the side and plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, shower in about 4 minutes, then get back in her room to chime in with “…der what you aaaaaaaaare” like I never even left.

But the last few mornings took a little more of my creative bones to get myself ready while deflecting those sad little puppy dog eyes and that little pouty bottom baby lip rearing it’s heartbreaking head and lasso-ing me back into the room. Yesterday I was forced to open up the wooden puzzles I was saving for when she’s a little older. Today I actually wheeled her and a few toys in the little rolly bassinet into the bathroom with me while I washed my face (woohoo, I actually washed my face today! Seriously, it is a reason to pat myself on the back these days…) and brushed my teeth and did my business. Tomorrow, who knows…all I know is that at this rate she’ll have her own iPhone by the time she’s one.

And oh man the part of the email above that kills me is the last paragraph –

Say goodbye to your baby when you leave him. Sneaking out will only increase your baby’s anxiety, because he can never be sure when you might disappear.

That just makes me a sad sad mama. So when I left the house this morning, instead of trying to sneak out without her seeing, I handed her over to my sister, gave her a kiss (the baby, not my sister), and said and waved goodbye as I walked out the door. She cried. It was sweet. And then she smiled. And it was even sweeter. And jeez do I freaking love that darn baby.


A few updates:

For the first time in 10 years, I’m a redhead again! I’m still not sure if I’m gonna keep it, I miss the blonde already although no roots makes me happy. Whatcha think?

I also had to share as I’m sitting here sniffing myself, I bought a new perfume that I am madly in love with. I smelled it on a coworker the other day and ended up buying a bottle for myself. It’s Philosophy’s Amazing Grace and it’s so yummy. I was afraid it would smell differently on me than on her because that happens every time I smell my sister and buy what she’s wearing – it never ever smells as good on me. But I discovered if I spray this on my arm, not so good. On my shirt? Heaven.

The fake ring has been sent back to the seller and the plot has thickened to a nice soupy consistency. I had decided to open a case in eBay’s resolution center just to cover our butts if the seller decided to be difficult or not respond at all. Luckily he/she responded saying that we could send the ring back with a note to refund the PayPal account, though the seller still swears the ring is authentic. I wanted so badly to respond to that part but figured we’d wait until my sister actually had her money back before flinging any accusations around. So I wrote the note for a refund, printed out the email exchange, made copies of everything, and, so we’d have a tracking number, delivery confirmation and a signature, I sent it via certified mail last week. As of this morning, according to the tracking number the post office has tried to deliver the ring twice now but no one has been at the address to sign for it, so it keeps going back to the post office. After 15 days, the post office will send it back to us if the seller doesn’t claim the package. And that, my friends, is why I’m SO glad I sent it certified so they can’t come back and claim that we never sent it. I’ll keep you posted!



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10 responses to “bye bye baby

  1. LOVE the red hair! You look fabulous!

  2. I agree, you look great with red hair!

  3. Love your new red hair!

  4. You’re one of those awesome people who look great with any hair color. Love the red and the blonde!

  5. I really love the new hair!! It looks so good.

  6. Ever since I started following your pregnancy on BeeInThePod, since it coincided with mine, I can count in your blog to be about whatever we seem to be going thru. My son in the past few days, started crying as soon as I get out of his line of sight. 🙂

    Oh and I swear by Philosophy’s pure grace…I call it my shower in a bottle (for when I’m faking being clean).

  7. I was about to say to shoot the baby-mug snatcher, but then I read further. Don’t shoot yourself; leave a reminder on a sticky note about where you left your mug, though.

  8. Creen - Colleen

    I thought your hair looked different color in the swimming blog entry!
    Looks good.


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