let there be light

Do you remember the crazy lady’s ugly chandelier I refinished for Summer’s room? It went from this….

to this…

Knowing now that Scott and I can install a ceiling light complete with shiny new dimmer switch without electrocuting ourselves or burning the house down, I’ve been on the hunt for an ugly used chandelier that I could makeover for our bedroom because right now we have a flying saucer…

So we need something not too big for fear of a concussion hazard when sitting up in bed in the dark. We need something less of a spotlight, more of a soft romantic glow. I found a few on Craigslist but none of them were really worth the drive out to wherever they were, especially the one from the weird guy that emailed me back 5 times in 3 hours asking if I was still interested. I planned on scouring thrift stores in the hopes of finding something truly hideous that I could make pretty but haven’t made it out yet. I swear, it’s like this itch in the back of my head just craving the turning of someone’s junk into my pretty little treasure that no one else can say they have. For some reason it’s so much more fun than just going to a store and picking out a light that hundreds of other people have, too. So with a plan but no rush, I figured I’d eventually stumble upon the light that was meant to be mine. And lo and freaking behold, I was at dinner at my parents house last night and they decided it was time to redo their dining room and the first thing they did was replace the chandelier.

Fate, I tells ya.

So now I’m on the hunt for some inspiration. I want to go black. I want lots and lots of sparkly beads. The old chandelier is pretty basic, just 5 arms with the bulbs pointing up, so I may have to somehow add some structure to it. These inspirational pics have my brain all dizzy with what could be….

I’m heading back to my parents’ to pick up the fixture today and a run to Michael’s for some beads, and I’m hopeful it isn’t too tall for the room. We shall see! So excited. 🙂



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3 responses to “let there be light

  1. If I had the cash to pay for shipping, I’d take your flying saucer off your hands. I would have so much fun putting black lights and blue lights in it with the peppers hanging in my room.

    • I’ll tell ya what, since you are my favorite, if this chandelier works, the flying saucer is yours, I’ll send it to you 🙂

      • Haha Thx. I’ll probably have cash this summer, so I’ll pay. I’m just not in a great position right now. But thankies, Nachos. (I’ve been really wanting some, but I couldn’t get them at school today, so I bought a few tacos and squished them. CLoseish enough.)

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