dear pampers,

Why do you have to make it so effing difficult to buy diapers? At the very least, could you put a little window on the bags so I can see if they have that yellow line that turns blue when wet? Or better yet, here’s a thought – you’ve got Cruisers, you’ve got Swaddlers, you’ve got Baby Dry – just put the yellow line on all of them and then combine all three to make the freaking diaper trifecta. You can call them Cruiswadrys.

You’re welcome.


Dear fellow Babies R Us Customers,

If you happen to notice a hole in every single bag of size 3’s, I swear they were like that when I got there.




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8 responses to “dear pampers,

  1. Haha, I love the wetness indicator! Did you know though that buying them on is actually cheaper? Check it out 🙂

    • Ah, I did and I signed up for months ago, but the problem is that I usually don’t buy diapers until one of us discovers at 10pm on a Tuesday night that there’s only 1 left and oh damn, the baby just pooped again.

  2. Jacqui

    In Canada, the wetness indicator is only on the Swaddlers, and they are only available up to size 2. My son has been in size 3’s since he was 3 months old, so no more indicator for us 😦

  3. Oh wow……this makes me scared (well, more scared) to have children in the future. I just thought diapers were diapers.

  4. Katie

    I only found the wetness indicator useful when my baby was a newborn. But perhaps that’s because he’s a boy and pees like a race horse….?

  5. We’re cloth diapering, so I usually don’t buy diapers… but one day I had to grab some and I seriously spent almost an hour in the diaper isle trying to figure out what it all meant and why they were so expensive. Very important parenting questions. 😉

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