9 months (1 week early)

already stealing my clothes

We have a 3rd tooth popping through, it’s the first one coming through on top, so paired with the 2 on the bottom the girl is going to look like a jack-o-lantern for a little while. 🙂 Chewing on frozen wash cloths has become the norm around here lately, poor little one’s gums were bleeding the other day after the tooth cut through. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have a bunch of teeth growing in but I’m guessing the soreness is maybe like that whole first week of pain after getting your braces tightened. No thank you! I totally feel for her.

Little miss is now seemingly minutes away from crawling, if only she could figure out what to do with those little legs. She gets up on all fours and then ends up splayed out flat on her belly like a starfish. And once she’s down she’ll either use just her arms with no legs and push herself around the room backwards, or else she’ll roll over front to back over and over, but my smart little rolly poly girl actually gets around pretty well like that.

It seems walking is definitely right around the corner too, she’s starting to balance for a few seconds standing on her own and she barely holds onto my finger anymore while she toddles around the living room. I won’t be surprised if she gives up on the crawling and just takes off running one day.

She’s also getting really loooooong but I honestly don’t know if she’s gained much weight since her 6 month appointment 3 months ago because this girl is truly turning into a string bean. Last time I weighed her she was still in the featherweight class around 16.5 lbs which is pretty light for a 9 month old, though it’s funny how before she came around I would have simply keeled over and died on the spot if someone had asked me to carry a 16 pound sack of potatoes all day. Now, well, I’ve got permanent tickets to the gun show, baby. So anywho, now that she’s outgrowing all of her footie pajamas length-wise, I pulled out the box of 12 month old hand-me-downs to see if anything in there might fit her yet and looky looky what I found! Repeat after me…



We are learning how to kiss – I say “kiss” and kiss her on the lips then wait for her to reciprocate. Only problem is that my sweet soft-spoken baby is a VICIOUS AND VIOLENT KISS MONSTER. Aside from first thing in the morning when she’s all snuggly and dreamy, if you say kiss, she’ll stop, suddenly get this possessed look in her eye, grab a hold of both of your ears or take 2 fistfuls of hair and pull your head to her wide open mouth which houses her little razor-sharp teeth and she will bite down HARD on your lip or your nose or whatever she can manage to get in her mouth before you even know what just happened or why you can feel your heartbeat in your face.

Yeah, we’re still working on “kiss”.



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8 responses to “9 months (1 week early)

  1. Hahah she’s just too cute. I can’t believe how fast she’s grown!!

  2. LOL. She is so adorable.

  3. OMG she is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carol

    She is THE cutest!!!

  5. Jenn

    Haha that kiss picture is too freaking cute. If she’s still looking Sam’s totally willing to have Summer as his long distance girlfriend. They grow up too fast, huh?

  6. what a darling! i love the description of how she gives big enthusiastic kisses!

  7. Theresa

    Just had to jump on here and say I clicked over from WB due to your link about your daughters birth story and just wasted a ridiculous amount of time reading your back posts. HILARIOUS!! Love you and it doesn’t hurt that our daughters were born a few weeks apart. June 2nd for me 🙂 Liked you on WB and LOVE you in real life. Definitely hooked and can’t wait to keep reading, thanks!

  8. Those leopard print footie PJs are the cutest thing EVER!

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