soggy mum

This morning I was sitting next to Summer on the blanket in the living room while I was pumping.

It’s a part of our daily morning routine that includes me forever looking for a way to keep her occupied so she doesn’t pull the tubes out of my pump parts while they’re swish swishing away doing their thing. Today, I handed her a Mum Mum.

And for anyone who is thinking a mum mum is a flower flower and I’ve lost my damn mind mind, you are correct; however, in this case I’m referring to little banana flavored crispy rice patty thingies that Summer can feed to herself.

And despite the fact that these things will stick to her lips like a tongue to a frozen pole and leave gross wet sticky pieces of mush all over her hands and face and hair, she absolutely loves them.

So there we were sitting on the floor, me pumping, her gnawing, Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. on the tv.

And all of a sudden one of the guppies, or mermaids, or whatever the little colorful buggers are, made the sound a horsey makes.

So I did, too.

I neighed like a pony.

And I was ignorantly unaware that neighing is kinda funny until Summer turned around,

looked up at me,

And spit thousands of little pieces of soggy mum mum all over me and my pump before laughing hysterically like a baby hyena.

I may think twice next time I get the urge to neigh.



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6 responses to “soggy mum

  1. hahaha omg, I laughed out loud. SO funny. And she’s adorbs like always 🙂

  2. Mandy

    Summer is SUCH a cutie!!

    Tell me more about the Mum Mums please 🙂 My daughter is 8.5 months old and is just barely moving into textured foods after almost 3 months of smooth purees because I am a big chicken mama and am petrified of her choking even though she has 6.5 teeth already (yuuup.) So what’s the deal with the Mum Mums? Do they just kinda dissolve? I always see them in storea but no one I know has fed them to their babies. So this makes you my new BFF 😉

  3. Simona

    Mum Mums are our favorites, too. I think if I kept handing them to James, he would just eat them one after another after another until we were out.

    I love these pics. My god, is she cute!!!

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  6. That takes us up to the next level. Great positng.