spring things

So many good things to appreciate these days like…

a pretty coat of pink on 20 toadies fresh out of sock hibernation…

March weather warm enough for the park…

No, no punkin, you love the swing. No. Really. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stop looking at me like that.

Sporting shamrockin’ pants in the backyard and eating leaves while momma’s not looking…

Good food, good family we haven’t seen in a long time, baby’s first high chair in a restaurant and first mac ‘n cheese last night all at the same time…you know, killing a gaggle with one picture or something like that…

And of course mac ‘n cheese leftovers with Nanna today while rockin’ a pretty penpal-gifted onesie from Auntie Jules…

Trying to come up with new ways to distract Summer during our morning pumping

Ducky on your head? Eh…

Ducky on momma’s head? Now that’s kinda funny…

Ring on your head? Ummmm….

But a ring on momma’s head? Well now, that’s freakin’ hilarious…

Springy sundresses with little pockets and matching bloomers that probably wouldn’t have fit had we had to wait until Summer to wear them…

And finding awesome tutorials to make our own handmade sundresses which is just plain making me itchy for DIY sewing time! Seriously, how adorable is this?


And lastly, little miss has finally figured it out and I haven’t been able to catch her since (and yay! I captured her second crawl on camera). And it’s now 4 days later than the video and she’s already cruising around much faster than this. It’s funny how fast it happens. Did I say funny? I meant beyond frighteningly scary.

click here to view video directly

Happy Spring!


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  1. I love how Centerfold is playing in the background.

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