is this thing on?

echo, echo…..

Life has been a little all over the place lately and it certainly didn’t help a week ago when Scott was laid off. Again. Last time was back in October and just like last time, I have full faith that this is just a leap in our lives that is getting us one step closer to where we are supposed to be. And if anything it has led to some good bonding time between these two and they’re doing a really good job of taking over where Michelle left off sending me lots of pictures to get me through the workdays…

And in the last week, I tried to win the lotto but it didn’t work, although I did somehow manage to win my office’s March Madness bracket pool which is just plain ridiculous. I don’t know that before now I even knew March Madness had to do with basketball. My old boss actually bought my $20 bracket for me for fun which I had no idea he was going to do otherwise I would have never participated. Then throw into the mix the fact that I had no idea how to fill out a bracket (seriously, all I know about seeds is that you plant them and get tomatoes) so I puttered around crosseyed for a few minutes on the website before noticing the itty bitty button of awesomeness at the top that said “Import a Celebrity’s Bracket”. So thank you, Nick Lachey, for the $120 in me pocket. That’ll buy this one a whole lotta Kraft cheesy macaroni and that makes us both happy…

Cousins were in town last weekend and we had lots o fun sharing toys and puffs and sweet baby kisses as always…

And I still haven’t touched the neckline of Summer’s baptism dress though you all liked the swoopy necklines with the big bow so that will be what I’ll attempt for my first baby dress masterpiece. Or first pile of a bunch of white pieces of fabric sewn together and thrown on the floor.

So that’s all really, just getting ready for Easter and baby’s first Cubs game hopefully next week. Oh that, and spending every free moment I have playing freaking Draw Something on my iphone – I blame you, Kelly. If anyone wants to play me and see my horrible horrible ability to draw on a phone with my fingertip, come play! My user name is jjstraus. I’m warning you though, my drawing of a twinkie looked a little obscene and my taxi looked more like a lemon with checkers.

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. sounds like you guys have a full plate! i very much admire your perspective on bumps/events in the road–i too have confidence that this is a step that will lead towards something great for scott.

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