diy: baby face magnets

A few penpal letters ago, I gave these guys some sombreros and nose rats and taped them to the envelope, then I realized they’d be kinda fun as magnets. I mean really, wouldn’t you want to see these faces on the fridge staring back at you every morning when you grab milk for your coffee?

So here it is, easiest diy project ever…

Home Depot sells these magnet sheets that are for covering vents and, because Home Depot decided they want you to wander the store aimlessly for an hour looking for them, they stuck them in the plumbing section – a pack of 3 is around $4:

Find a good picture…

Add accessories on the computer though in reality you could just print and cut out hats and mustaches and shades and stuff and just glue them right on the face if that’s easier for you (also I’m realizing now there’s no need to remove the background since you’re going to cut out the head anyway – silly me making more work for myself) – I used Photoshop…

Print it out…

Roughly cut it out…

Glue it to your magnet sheet with a gluestick…

Cut out your face, make a cute thought bubble the same way and decorate your space with funny faces….



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5 responses to “diy: baby face magnets

  1. ben

    Omg. That is hilarious.

  2. Simona

    You are a genius. So fun!

  3. Sarah

    That is too cute – great idea for a Mother’s Day gift! For future magnet projects there is magnet paper (in 8.5×11) you can send through a color laser printer – we use it at work all the time.

  4. Sarah

    I actually use all the magnets that come in the mail/get stuck on my door/come with phone books (I know, phone books?)–fun, fun, fun!

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