good puppy

When you own a dog or two…

…phrases like “what a good puppy!”…

…and, “such a sweet doggie!”…

 will come out of your mouth…

…a few million times.

So when the day comes…

…oh, and it will come…

…when you look at your baby…

…and hear yourself say…

…”you’re such a sweet little puppy,”…


…don’t react…

…just pretend…

…you were talking to the dog…

 …and change the subject.



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9 responses to “good puppy

  1. LOL! I’ve accidentally told my husband — in my talking-to-the-cat voice — “You’re such a good boy.” awkwaaaard.

  2. Morgan

    LOL, this is so hilarious!

    Although I’ve definitely told my parent’s dog that he’s a “good kitty!”

  3. puppy, baby…they’re all sweetness, aren’t they?

  4. loveandrenovations

    Oh my husband totally told me “good boy!” one time like he always does to the dogs. I’ll never let him live that one down!

  5. Creen - Colleen

    My mom calls my dog by her grandchild’s name and vice versa.

  6. Kolleen

    I have been known to mix up the words “crib” and (dog) “crate” on multiple occasions when laying the baby down to sleep.

    (Long time reader of yours! I grew up in Niles!!)

    • I can only imagine overhearing that conversation in the aisle at Target…”Honey, I really hope the sitter is able to get the baby to sleep in her crate tonight…” And yay Niles, I drive through your old neighborhood everyday!

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