2 year anniversary

This time 2 years ago, I was browning my shoulders on a sunny beach in St. Thomas smiling at my shiny new husband of 2 days over the rim of a mai tai glass with a cigarette my hand and a deliriously happy Cruzan rum-induced twinkle in my eye.

My plan was to put on my wedding dress every year on our anniversary for fun and clean the house or hang out in the backyard or whatever (considering my dress has been in the ocean, a pool, the sand, a suitcase, squeezed out and hung in the back of a closet, she’s probably not getting preserved), but those plans changed when I knew I would have been lucky to even get her over my sausage fingers last year on our anniversary…

This time last year I was 8 months pregnant when we celebrated. Traditional 1-year anniversary gifts are paper and so Scott got me a really sweet message in a bottle that went along with our wedding theme. And what I got him was so unbelievably amazing that we both blacked out when I gave it to him because neither one of us can remember what it was now.

This year we celebrated our 2 year anniversary by dropping this little one off at my parents’ house and going out to dinner alone.

(I’m trying to break the record for longest baby in an infant carseat. Don’t tell anyone but I’m actually waiting for the day she can sit herself down in it, strap herself in, and walk herself to the car with the seat already attached to her butt.)

So continuing with the gift year by year theme, traditional 2-year wedding anniversary gifts are cotton. I thought and I thought and I had it – for the backyard I bought him a hammock made of cotton rope. The only problem was that the box was heavy – way too heavy to bring in from the car by myself. And because there was a big fat picture of a hammock and the word HAMMOCK!! PSSSST – THERE’S A HAMMOCK IN HERE!! in big bold print slapped across the front of the box, I couldn’t exactly have Scott bring it in the house for me, either.

….hmmmm, hang on, orrrrrrrrrrrr could I?

Yes, yes I could. And I decided to be super helpful by taking lots of super helpful pictures while he super helpfully walked around scaring the neighbors with a sweatshirt tied around his super helpful hubby noggin….

Fun fact #483: when someone has a sweatshirt tied around their entire head and you say, “smile!” they actually will….

I wrapped it up all pretty and then we exchanged gifts. And I swear to Jebus, this guy doesn’t know me at all.

He got me…

wait for it…..

a hammock.

A mother. frickin. hammock.

And I do believe that the best part of my hammock is that I didn’t have to tie a sweatshirt around my head for it. Man, I love my husband. 🙂



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10 responses to “2 year anniversary

  1. Jess

    Okay, seriously? That’s hilarious.

  2. loveandrenovations

    Amazing. Happy anniversary! 🙂 You guys are too cute!

  3. Ha! An excellent (hilarious) sign that you two are perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary!

  4. twowishes

    That story is as cute as Summer’s smile in that carseat photo. Which is pretty darned cute!!!

  5. Bahahahahahaha I just cracked up that you two got each other the same thing. Love it!! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  6. that’s hilarious. you two were obviously meant for each other. and i’m cracking up at the image of summer strapping herself into her carseat and walking to the car.

  7. Oh. my. god. I’m laughing SO hard at just about everything in this post. I love that you both can’t remember what you got him last year. Summer looks ADORABLE with her hair swept back and with a little bow. omg. adorable. The confused puppy picture is gold. And the icing on the cake is the two hammocks. Oh my god. Love this so much. Thank you.

  8. laurenann05

    Happy Anniversary! Too funny that you both were gifted a hammock!

  9. Morgan

    That is so funny! Guess you guys can hammock it up side by side in your backyard now!

    And happy anniversary 🙂

  10. coastinganon

    I worked at Disney in entertainment for four years after college and knew many characters ‘inside out’. It never failed, I always smiled when someone said cheese while taking a picture.

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