macguyver hair gloss

About 7 months ago, my hair started falling out in scary hairy clumps. Totally normal post-baby. And then it all started growing back at the same time and I looked like a brillo pad. Also totally normal. And now that it’s all grown out about 3 inches and is filling back in nicely, I have this one unfortunate chunk right at my hairline part that likes to stick straight up, especially after I run the flat-iron through it, and I have to shellac it down with a can of hairspray every morning. And every morning I run out the door inevitably forgetting something, whether it’s lids for the bottles I plan to pump into that day (that’s always a fun one), or my wedding rings, or my lunch. Today I forgot to hairspray my horn to my forehead and I didn’t realize it until I looked in the mirror in the elevator on the way up to my office and my bangs were giving me the finger. I had 6 floors to get rid of my hair boner. In a pinch I started licking my palms and smearing them down my forehead which didn’t do anything aside from making me smell like my own spittle. So instead I wiped some of the gloss off my bottom lip that I had just applied in the car and I rubbed it into the roots of my horn like hair putty. And damn if it didn’t work 1000 times better than hairspray. Not greasy, not stiff, totally pliable, smells like very berry vanilla, and still going strong 7 hours later…


Love the self-facing camera… why no Mr. Person standing in front of me, mmm hmmm, of course I’m listening to you and totally not taking a picture of myself with my phone.

$14 for Redken Rewind? Hehe, I’ll take Wet ‘n Wild for $1.



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5 responses to “macguyver hair gloss

  1. i’ve heard of people using a dab of lotion to smooth down crazy hair

  2. coastinganon

    “and my bangs were giving me the finger” — I so love you 🙂

  3. Mandy

    I have the exact same problem, only my clump is off to the side of my head, and looks like my part is waving to me.

  4. i may have to try this. i’ve had a coworker laugh at me when the short hairs around my part and hairline are sticking straight up.

  5. almostif

    I am suffering the same short-hair-regrowth problem. Only I don’t wear lipgloss, as I’m allergic to almost all lip cosmetics. I thought I might try mascara…twice the volume, apparently… 😉

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