baptismal bib

And here I thought I was finished when I made Summer’s baptism dress.

A few weeks ago we had our baptism class, and by we, I mean me, Scott and Summer, and Julie, Ben and the twins. Oh, and I think there maybe might have been one other couple with a little 3-month-old peanut there. And by class, I mean a get together where we blew into a stranger’s house like a tornado, crawled all over their furniture, stuck fingers in their VCR, screamed high pitched screams at them for no reason and ate all of their food while the other couple and their little bebe sat quietly in the corner stunned and frozen as they got a brief glance at their near future. Muah ah ah. They looked scared. The couple that hosted the class was awesome, had a few grown children of their own, and had a plan for how the hour would go… a plan that was blown to smithereens the moment we all arrived. At one point, the wife pulled something out of one of the packets of info we all were given and started…

Her: “So I’m gonna…”


Her: “…read through the…”


Her: “…ceremony and…”


Her: “…um…”


Her: “…yeah, how ’bout you guys read through this when you get home, I don’t really have to read it to you….”

Smart move, lady.

So also in this packet of info is the baptismal candle that we have to bring with us to the ceremony, and a smock/bib type thing that needs to be decorated. It totally brought back memories of decorating my First Communion banner and Confirmation sash with big felt letters and random crosses and doves and stuff. So I decided for Summer’s bib I wanted to make it pretty and sparkly and something that I could put in a frame after the ceremony. Only, the bib they gave us is kinda, erm, meh?

Don’t get me wrong, I completely 100% appreciate the fact that the church gave this to us. My problem with it is that, well, doesn’t it kinda resemble one of those tissue paper toilet seat covers they provide in public bathrooms? Yeah, I’d rather not have that association while this thing is placed around my baby’s neck and the deacon is trickling water on her like a stream of pee. A baptism is supposed to be cleansing, people. During our class, the wife did mention that we could use these ones or we could make/buy/bring our own, so I’m just gonna take that initiative and make a different one and bring this one back so they can give it to someone else that might want to use it. So I’m thinking a simple shape like this…

or this….

I have my supplies all ready…

rhinestone glue that dries clear

rhinestones, pretty sparkly rhinestones that I can’t stop staring at

pretty pendant that will be the middle focal point

lots of backup sparklies in case I run out

backup colorful sparklies in case I want to add some color

And I’ve made a few mockups in Photoshop of what I’m picturing in my head since I pretty much only get one shot at this. Well, unless I do actually screw it up so bad that I have to start over from scratch. That would suck. I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend that can’t happen. Ideas:

or maybe something like this without the pendant…

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some good sparkle time, wish me luck that I only have to do this once…



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4 responses to “baptismal bib


    I really like the 2nd one! Its pretty and sparkly yet not too much, which I think the first one might be in person! Either way, it will be lovely I’m sure!

    • judy

      I love the cutie bib? Our grandson needs a baptismal bib, where can I get the cuie pattern and the cross with the swirls, like fast? thanks, Judy

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