tids of bits

On my way home yesterday I found myself stopped right in front of the sign I mentioned, so I got a picture of the tooth potato peeler for you all.

You’re very schmelcome. Skeeves. (That was for you, Jane).

I finished the baptism bib and aside from the wonky round corners on the bottom, I think it turned out pretty nice…

It’s very sparkly sitting and waiting on my dining room table in front of the sunny windows for its turn to shine in a few weeks.

New snacks have taken over a shelf in our freezer…

The top is homemade yogurt melts – I don’t remember where I read about making these but they are so so easy. Just spoon yogurt into a ziplock baggie, cut a tiny bit of the corner off the bag, and squeeze drops onto wax paper and freeze. Perfect little baby snack, though unlike the freeze-dried variety from the store, these ones actually do melt so you have to eat them within the first 10 mins or so of pulling them out of the freezer or else they get messy. Bottom is applesauce and peach yogurt frozen in ice-cube trays with a spoon in the middle – instant baby popsicles good for sore teething gums. 🙂


 If you recall, Scott and I both got each other hammocks for our anniversary so we did what any normal person in our predicament would do, we set them both up in our family room on a rainy day and picked which one we liked best. Then we gave the other one to my parents. 🙂 This one won because it. is. glorious.

It’s this one from Walmart. Summer also approves, and wow I think it’s time I show my little one how to shave her legs cause those things is hairy….

I found out on a whim that Summer loves drinking out of straws. Though I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that straws came so naturally considering she’s been drinking out of things she’s had to suck on since she was born. Perfection!


Thank you, whoever you are, who came up with the spill proof straw/sippy cup combo. Hers is this one that I bought at Babies R Us.

Doggies have been enjoying the warm weather and fresh cut grass lately…

 …though with a warm spring comes lots of rain, a part of nature that Hazy would like to pretend doesn’t exist. She is absolutely terrified of storms and starts shaking and panting uncontrollably when it starts. But looky what I pulled out of the momma arsenal….

A swaddled Hazy is a non-scaredy-cat-Hazy. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you that as soon as I swaddled her, she instantly stopped shaking, fell asleep, and was literally snoring all swaddled up in a blankie in the middle of a thunderstorm. Oh yeah, it’s just like riding a bike and this momma’s still got it.

I’ll leave you with this…we are now cruising along the walls now, too…

If I saw that face every time I looked in the mirror, I’d kiss it, too.



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4 responses to “tids of bits

  1. Brooke

    We swaddle our dog for storms too. Who needs a $40 Thundershirt when you can just use a left over baby blankie. 🙂

  2. almostif

    Look at Summer’s beautiful hair! Have you cut it yet? That’s going to be a big one. Luckily, my little guy is still bald as a coot…

  3. 1. Razor = super creepy. I will never look at one the same again.
    2. Bib = baptism perfection
    3. Hammocks = crack me up! Also, great idea as they are likely to be more comfortable than my current futon/couch.
    4. YOU SWADDLED THE DOG?!? So amazing… That’s the same idea behind those thunder shirts. If only my dogs were baby-sized…
    5. Congrats on the cruising & teeth on your little person! She is so sweet! Lilly and I watched the video of her talking (impressive!) and Lil giggled! Too cute!

  4. A SWADDLED DOG! I love it so much! She looks so cozy!

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