my Heaven has kites

I’ve never really thought much about kites, and then on a whim I discovered that my Heaven is full of them.

I believe when we die, we go to a place surrounded by the happiest things our minds can imagine.

In my Heaven, everyone is at peace.

There is no angst, no heartache, no stress, just peace.

My Heaven has blue skies and warm breezes.

Rolling down hills and basking in the sun are strongly encouraged.

At any moment I can lay down on the grass, look up and see my Heaven’s Heaven from the end of my string.

My Heaven is full of all of the babies I could have made but never got the opportunity to in this lifetime.

In my Heaven I’m surrounded by laughter and sunshine and love, but most of all love.

Around every turn is a new discovery and each new freckle is a kiss from the sun.

In my Heaven, warm breezes float off the lake and brush across my cheeks.

And those breezes silently carry hundreds of kites in my Heaven’s sky.

In my Heaven, there are fields of wildflowers everywhere and everyone is always happy to see you.

This weekend I discovered my heaven is full of kites.

Pretty sure I had the prettiest one.



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7 responses to “my Heaven has kites

  1. Mandy

    This is beautiful.
    Why do you always make me cry?

    PS – how does Summer like the sippy cup with the straw?

    • She actually loves drinking out of that cup, much more than regular sippy cups without straws. Got it at babies r us, I posted a link in I think my last post… It is awesome, doesn’t spill upside down, and I highly recommend it!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    Love this post!
    How come there are so many kites?

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