Have you all seen the infomercials for the gyro bowl? You know, the one where the little kid is toddling down the side of a mountain with a mouthful of food (now that’s a good mama – “here sweetie, put these crackers in your mouth, run really really fast, and since you have a free hand, take these scissors with you while you’re at it…”) and a bowl full of goldfish crackers and not one of those little fishies ends up on the ground….

We were given one of these for Christmas and we’ve tried it out a bunch of times with baby snacks. “Virtually indestructible”? Awesome! “Stays open-side-up, no matter what”? Yes, please! “Saves time, no more cleaning”? Yeah… I waited an entire day for them to come clean this up for me.

Those a-holes never showed.

The gyro bowl is actually a pretty genius concept and I was secretly wanting one the second I saw the commercial. Though knowing what I know now, it will probably work a lot better once she’s a little older and not shoving her entire arm into the bowl to get one Cheerio. Although I think the Cheerios are part of the problem, too because when I put anything small like Cheerios or puffs or anything that my child currently might actually eat in it, the food tends to get stuck between the 2 bowls and then the bowls won’t spin. And then this happens.

“100% kid-proof”? Apparently the makers of the gyro bowl haven’t met my kid. Nice work baby.



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4 responses to “gyrated!

  1. Sunny

    The ad has cheerios in the bowl, you would think that the makers would have checked these things. 🙂 Its a cool concept, I was curious if it worked or not, thanks for the blog post!

  2. LOL, I’ve secretly wanted one of those bowls for my husband, so he would stop spilling his cereal. Guess I won’t get it now that I’ve seen the real results.

    Also, I really hope I’ll get to meet Summer in Chicago in just a couple of weeks!

    Of course, when everyone wants to steal her because she’s so cute, you can tell them she’s “na-cho baby!” 🙂

  3. Hah! I’ve always thought those things looked super cool, but I had my suspicions about whether or not they actually work!

  4. Sarah

    You’re the second person I “know” who wanted one of these and was a little disappointed…it seems like it should work, alas, it seems not to!

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