what’s happening, hey hey hey…

Spaghetti happened.

New baby-friendly, toy-hiding, bolted-to-the-wall-furniture happened.

and it seems the baby-proofing will forever be ongoing…behold the stairs of death that a certain little body has figured out how to climb.

And the lazy-man’s version of baby-proofing the kitchen… Growth chart, shmoth chart, we’ll just keep track of Summer’s height with the ever-rising level of fridge magnets

Early birthday presents happened. The balls are fantastic and fit perfectly when little hands roll them under the couches…

but the peek-a-boo holes are much more fun.

An investment in a video monitor happened. I love it but it has a creepy horror movie night vision quality which always makes it look like she’s just laying there with her eyes open. Momma no likey.

Hanging a baby swing from a tree in my front yard happened. It was the only tree that would work and I had to climb a ladder. In my front yard. I had to tie a double fisherman’s knot 2 feet above my head. I had to Google double fisherman’s knot. Have I mentioned that despite the fact that I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, I’m terrified of heights? I had my eyes closed the whole time I was tying.

But let me tell ya, I would climb the tallest ladder you could put me on knowing it could make her this happy.

A Cubs win happened.

A baptism happened, and my lovely was a perfect angel. And man did she rock that dress.

Summer and I are off to meet Kelle Hampton at her book signing tonight and I’m very excited to meet her in person and have my copy of Bloom signed.

Have a wonderful evening and may your night tonight be filled with lots of good dream happenings.



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6 responses to “what’s happening, hey hey hey…

  1. Theresa

    That picture of her in the swing is priceless! And I love all the pacifiers on your couch 🙂 We had that many at one point till we slowly but surely lost all but 2.

    • Haha, we have to keep replenishing the stash but then end up finding lost ones! Best hiding place so far? Under the bathroom scale. And I swear the recliner ate one yesterday- 1 minute there, the next minute gone.

  2. Creen - Colleen

    OMG I am sooo jealous you get to meet Kelle Hampton!! I pre-ordered her book, so I did get a signed book plate, but you get to meet her!!! AHH!

  3. looks like things have been busy and fun over there! her big smile gets me every time.

  4. I’d love to see a post about you hanging a tire swing when she gets bigger. I wish I could fit in a baby swing like that.

  5. Oh my lord, the spaghetti! lol!! That picture of Summer swinging is too, too cute!

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