instagram: rabitstew

Ergo snuggling

One of you lovelies asked if I was on Instagram not too long ago and while the answer was technically yes, I have an account and a username,

Watching the big fishies at the Shedd Aquarium

and yes, I technically have had the app on my iphone for a while now,

Finding our shadow

the reality was that I sadly only had 1 picture uploaded,

My Amy is gone 😦

so there wasn’t much following to be done. 

Underwater with the dolphins

I joined Instagram on my iphone shortly after the book signing I went to and hadn’t really done much with it. 

I spy with my little eye a smiley little baby girl

So today I decided to revisit the app and see what it’s all about and wouldn’t ya know it,

My birthday present to Summer – custom made add-a-pearl necklace
1 for the day she was born, 1 for her baptism, 1 for her 1st birthday

it’s really kinda awesome.

Keepsake handprints for Happy Pappy’s Day

So if you are on instagram and want to follow me, my username is rabitstew.

Glitter. On flowers. Tell me my husband doesn’t know me at all.

And I’d love to follow your happenings, too so leave me a comment with your username and I’ll find you!


And I promise I’ll be adding pics and fun happenings from our crazy world over here – so many pictures on my phone I haven’t shared…



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7 responses to “instagram: rabitstew

  1. KellyV

    yay! im klvnyc. Im private, but Ill approve you 🙂

  2. K.K.

    Come follow me and my lil pup Kona. My username is Katie Kortman

  3. My roommate and I are CardigansandCameras! We love Instagram!

  4. Natalie


  5. Stacy Holt

    Yay! I’m stacyholt 🙂

  6. I would love to follow you, I am “TheHistoryofUs”

  7. Theresa

    I’m mrsthamp and I’ve started following you. Love the handprint gift for Father’s Day! So cute.

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