h i j k l m n o …peeeeeeeeee

Every morning in my house, I’m the first one awake. And every morning I smack the alarm off before the baby and Scott hear it, I rub the dreaminess from my eyes, stretch the kinks out of my back, and head downstairs to let my sweet little doggies out so they can empty their full little doggie bladders. Well this morning my groggy 5:30am-for-the-18th-day-in-a-row brain decided that the doggies would have to wait just a quick minute or two while momma poured herself a big fat cup of coffee. And in that quick minute or two it took me to actually pour myself that big fat cup of coffee, my stubborn old Princess decided that no ma’am, coffee does NOT come first and she does NOT wait for anyone. She let me have it.

She peed.

On the P.

She P-peed. A double whammy.

Well played, little doggie, well played.


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One response to “h i j k l m n o …peeeeeeeeee

  1. Mina

    what a clever girl–she can spell!

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