b-b-b-baby and the jets

Nights like these are most certainly bath nights.

On bath nights, Summer and I take a bath together because splashing alone is just no fun.

It’s also nice to end bath time with pruney toes rather than a backache.

Being in there with her, my biggest fear is that someday she’s going to poop in the tub.

Though I could probably stop worrying about it. Yes, sir, my baby is way too considerate to do that to me.

On bath night, we splash around in the downstairs bathtub. The downstairs bathtub is a jacuzzi tub.

I’ve never had a fancy jacuzzi tub before.

And when we moved in 2 years ago, I filled the tub with water and bleach, and I ran the jets to clean them and see how everything worked.

And while I clean the tub after every bath, I haven’t turned on the jets since that first time…

…well, until last week when I decided the bubble bath wasn’t bubbly enough.

You see, you can’t have a bubble bath without bubbles because then it wouldn’t be a bubble bath, silly.

But ah, jacuzzi jets could make the bubbles more bubbly.

So we both climbed in, I reached over my shoulder and I pressed the jet button behind me on the back of the fancy jacuzzi tub.

And in the blink of an eye I discovered that I am not as considerate as my baby.

Because I nearly shit myself when the motor started humming, the jets started up and splat! We were blasted.

…covered head to toe with little flakes of black moldy slimy sticky disgustingness. Oh, but don’t you worry, most of it didn’t get in the tub because it was all stuck to my neck.

That night we had our first shower night.

Huh, a little poop in the bath doesn’t seem so bad anymore.



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6 responses to “b-b-b-baby and the jets

  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh! That’s too funny! I can only imagine how disgusted you were when all that stuff came flying out at you!!

  2. Simona

    Oh my god SHE IS SO CUTE! I love all those pictures!!!

  3. ewwwwww, that’s even worse than seaweed in a lake! my mother is crazy about running the jets on an empty tub after every bath…..now I know why…. so sorry you had to experience that.

  4. Good lord….that’s worse than when I have to ring up leaky packages of chicken at work. (they leak this juicy bloody stuff, that gets all over the place, then I have seizures over it.)

  5. Mina

    hahaha those pictures are priceless. what an unpleasant surprise from the bathtub!

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