the friday motherload

So many posts started, so many posts left unfinished……time to condense into one big post overflowing with bits and pieces from each one for your bloggy catchup pleasure. Things going on in the land of the stew…


Unemployment: It’s been 4 months for Scott now and it blows my mind that someone so hard-working with a college degree, great resume and a fantastic employment history has applied to, I kid you not, well over one hundred jobs but hasn’t been offered anything yet. And not that I didn’t before, but I now completely wholeheartedly 100% feel so bad for anyone looking for work right now and really had no idea how bad the job market was until it hit us firsthand. After writing about finding magic in the moments, I started to think more and more about the words that actually came out of my own brain, how we are the ones who choose where we go. And at the end of the day, no one is forcing Scott to go back to work, our bills are the reason he is looking for something full-time, so after 4 months of watching my husband stress out trying to change the employment situation, I thought why not try to change the bill situation instead? So the first thing we’ve done is figure out what the monetary difference is between our totally monthly bills and my monthly income, and I was shocked to see how little the difference was. This opened up a whole new set of options for him/us: way more budgeting and less spending for me, and maybe change the job search to include part-time for him or perhaps an entry-level position somewhere to get into a new field. We will also try to change the bill situation by trying to lower some (cable, electric), maybe get rid of some (home phone, dvr, etc.), and as a last resort perhaps look into what it would take to sell the house. Again, I say last resort because I would be absolutely heartbroken if we had to give up the house I thought we’d grow old in and Summer would grow up in. But if it has to happen, I’d rather it happen before unemployment benefits run out than when the last check comes and we’re left sitting there going, “um, now what?” The whole situation just plain sucks beyond belief, but I also hate that Scott is home with Summer all day long and doesn’t get to enjoy it as much as he could because he’s busy worrying about finding a job. I tell ya, if given the chance to be together stress free everyday, they could single-handedly run the world, these two.

And I’m going to do my part and reevaluate my financial half of this family and do everything I can to make Scott’s situation better, because damn it, we’re in this together.


For any crafty people out there, have you ever tried to create something and the final product just kinda made you cringe a little because it wasn’t really what you were going for? That’s been me lately – I think I’ve misplaced my crafty mojo. Aside from a twin sized quilt that I made my mom for her birthday that turned out exactly how I had hoped (which was nice considering it is the biggest quilt I’ve made to date)…

…I’ve done a few things to various rooms of the house and I just feel like they’ve ended up looking nothing like they did in my head. I think it all began a while back with my bedroom photo wall that looks a bit wonky and out of sorts to me but I have yet to change it 5 months later. Though I am still loving the chandelier makeover, so that’s something I guess…

I think the wall of photos bugs me because I put it on an upward slope just like another group of pictures I hung going up the stairs, but it doesn’t quite translate the same on a straight wall. Next, and more recently, was that butterfly wall I made in the basement…

The photo was pinned on Pinterest so I know it can’t be that horrible, but I look back at the inspiration and I love her’s so much more. So I made a mockup on Photoshop of 93,123,566 other options and then revamped with the help of Monica and Chandler the other night…

and with the mockup….

And I like it better. I think. And thank Jebus for sticky-tack. Though there’s still something about it that just makes me want to keep tweaking and seriously? This whole crafty-things-not-being-quite-right is unsettling for some reason and driving me a little nutty. Me no likey.


Operation: Add More Color to the Kitchen: My other crafty fail was a small change to my kitchen that ended up looking like a 2-year-old could have done it. I had gone to Pier One to pick up an under-cabinet wine glass rack and passed a bin full of mismatched vintage looking cabinet pulls that I suddenly had to have. For $5 each though, I couldn’t justify buying them considering I have 21 drawers and cabinets, so I tried to do it on the cheap with random pulls from HomeGoods and Home Depot and it ended up looking ridiculous.

My problem (one of many, I know) I think, was that although I was going for mismatched, they were all just too different. So I’ve since changed the plan to only glass pulls all about the same size, just different colors. And again, it’s better, but I still want some reds and oranges in there, too.

I know – craft tweaking – first world problems here.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first pigtails….

No easy feat, but still a hair stylist momma’s dream. Only 5 more years before we’ll have a braid!


Mealtime: First of all, I never knew how much food a 1-year-old could eat, and when I get texts from Scott during the day telling me that she just ate an entire toddler meal, 2 slices of lunch meat, 2 slices of cheese, a piece of bread and a scrambled egg, I fall off my chair every time. Really, I actually had to start telling my boss I have an inner ear problem. If you think about it…the bread, meat and cheese is a full adult-sized sandwich. Now throw in a toddler meal of alphabet pasta and mixed veggies and you have what Gerber thinks she should be eating, um, plus my lunch. And the egg? Now she’s just showing off.


Also new at mealtime, aside from throwing handfuls of food onto the doggies from the high chair, my sweet calm quiet little angel child has started screaming like an angry pterodactyl. Although, it’s not quite a scream, more of a scratch your eardrums till they bleed kind of screechy aaaaaaaeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!, much like the screech my parents’ cockatoo does which, if the windows are open, you can hear clear down the street. I know this because we used to be able to hear him from the bus stop a block away and it’s, erm, a lovely lovely sound like a knife to the eustacian tubes. But when I look at her and tell her “no, we don’t scream at the table”, the girl has started testing me by looking at me, flashing me a makes-you-chortle doozy of a smile, and waving hi to me from a foot away. It is the absolute hardest thing not to smile but I try to stay firm and I’m learning to turn my head so she can’t see me giggle. She’s just such a funny little being sometimes.


Dollar Tree and Pier One’s early, yet festive orange and black glittery decorations have me already thinking about Halloween this year, and Summer and I are planning a trip to Michigan for some trick-or-treating with the cousins. Considering the last 2 years we had 6 trick-or-treaters come to our house, one of which was a repeat within the same hour, I imagine we’ll see a little more costume/kiddo/candy fun out there. It really can’t be any worse than our neighborhood’s sad sad state of ghoulish affairs. And while I think I know what I’m going to be, I have a feeling Summer’s costume will be unplanned in an I’ll-know-it-when-I-see-it kind of way. Remember my sweet lil cupcake last year?

Dear Sweet baby Jesus, my child is as rambunctious as a flock of wild turkeys. Let’s hope this Halloween will be a little more exciting for her.


I’d say that’s a pretty good catchup. Go outside and enjoy the weekend!



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5 responses to “the friday motherload

  1. julia christine stephen

    Your baby girl is WAY to cute…I remember when mine was that small…sigh.:)

  2. Mina

    the butterfly wall looks wonderful. and i’m very impressed with summer’s appetite–the munchkin wants food to grow! best of luck to scott in the job search–i know it can be super stressful, even if it’s for a short period of time. i hope the budget/billing adjustments help relieve some of the stress.

  3. Love the swirl of the butterfly wall. Great idea!

  4. Oh girl I’m so right there with you on the unemployment situation. We’ve been dealing with that too and just as you said, it’s so hard to see someone who’s so smart and hardworking and excellent at everything they do not even be given an interview the majority of the time. Really hoping things work out for you guys the best way they can.

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