august in photos

We had our first in-person Dream Lites spotting. If I never hear that commercial again, I’d die a happy woman. It’s about damn time Billy goes the eff to sleep already.

We started giving real hugs complete with a good neck squeeze and a pat pat pat on the back.

We got some new size 5 shoes and hit the pavement runnin’.

We danced to some disco at Retro on Roscoe with Jules.

We got up early on the weekends and made daddy some yummy breakfast.

We put on a concert with the cousins. Those Bradys ain’t got nothin’ on us, it’s always a sunshine day up in this place.

We perfected our drumming face.

We tried to figure out how this fabulous woman’s picture ended up as my Facebook’s thumbnail. It’s still a mystery.

We played for hours with momma’s big girl shoes.

We felt hearts breaking from both sides of this door as I left for work.

We congratulated sister Becky on her engagement. California, here we come! Well, next August.

We were given another reason not to use the treadmill.

We discovered Scott looks like Lieutenant Dan in the video monitor.

We read our favorite book I Want My Hat Back a few dozen times and let out the same breathy “oooooooooohhhhhh!!!” every time Bear discovered where it was.

We practiced the art of the spoon with some Jello.

Then we decided hands are much more effective.

We finally got to see our hard work of digging in the dirt paying off.

We appreciated baby mugs on mornings she slept in and we didn’t get to see her until after work.

We forced ourselves in Michaels to back. away. from. the. orange. stuff.

Happy last day of August, happy long holiday weekend, and happy Friday!

Summer and I decided last night that we’re road trippin’ it to Grosse Pointe, MI tomorrow to visit my sister and the twins. Wish me luck on my first road trip with just me and the girly!






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2 responses to “august in photos

  1. Mandy

    I almost just peed myself.

  2. He really does look like Lieutenant Dan. Weeeeeird. I’ve loved following you on Instagram, I’ll be honest.

    Also, I love the new blog layout! I don’t know how long you’ve had it (I read from my google reader usually), but it’s super cute!

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