Dear God, why must this child always be so crabby?….

Summer and I took our first solo road trip to Michigan last weekend and my child…well… let’s just say it could have been disastrous given all of her ridiculous demands, lucky for her I’m a patient person. It started with all the stuff she insisted I pack for her…

…and all the torturous snoring I had to endure most of the way…

All the incessant demands like “laugh at my cute baby talk” and “feed me,” Jeez.

And wouldn’t ya know it, 2 hours later, “blah blah lunch blah.” 

And staring at this in the mirror the whole time? Bloody torture.

When we finally got there, it got worse because I was outnumbered.

The cousins formed an alliance.

…and they gave me a list of demands, see…

“Tickle my armpits!”

“Teach me how to walk!”

“Take us outside!”

“Get my doggie on the phone!”

“Read it again, but this time with feeling!”

“Find the real monkey!”

“Play dress up!”

“Take me to the fishies!”

“Damn it, I said I wanted gourmet!”

“Teach me what George-ous means!”

“Look at my cookies!”

“I’m sorry, did you really just say no?”

“Call Daddy so I can tell him we’re coming home!”


“Help me find treasures!”


“Push me on the swing before we go in the house!”

“Tell me you missed me!”

I swear, she’s relentless, this child.





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7 responses to “michigan

  1. Poopypants

    Love it.

  2. Summer is too precious for words. Seriously.

  3. sooooo demanding, that child. lol Glad you had a great labor day… miss your face!

  4. Mina

    what a little diva! and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. Lois Hancock

    Hello all! I have a small dilemma, and am hoping you can offer some advice. Some fellows will be coming to process some rabbits for me. In return, they want me to prepare rabbit stew. Problem is, I haven’t made it before. So, if they process the rabbits in the morning, can they go immediately into the pot for a rabbit dinner? If I am feeding 8 people (including three grown men), how many rabbits should I use? The rabbits are 4-6 pounds live weight. Thanks for any suggestions!

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