diy: more easy wall art for under $20

So easy it’s ridiculous.

1. Get a bunch of $0.99 frames from Michaels. These are the same square ones I used for my colorful butterfly frames. I’m loving these frames lately.

2. Paint them. I used CraftSmart acrylic paint in Vanilla from Michaels and a 2 oz bottle was plenty for 2 coats on 9 frames.

3. Cut a piece of paper the same size as the cardboard insert that came in the frame. I used good old-fashioned white copy paper. Poke a hole in the middle of the cut out. Doesn’t have to be perfect, I just eyeballed it and poked the tip of a pen through.

4. Grab a fake flower, push the plastic end on the back of it through the hole in the paper, and poke a paper clip through to secure. You could also glue it but I was too lazy to go digging for my glue gun.

5. Figure out how you want to hang your frames since they don’t come with hardware. I ended up putting a staple in the back with a staple gun, then prying it out a little with pliers so I had a lip to hang it from a nail.

6. Stuff your frames with the flower paper, then put the cardboard cutout that came with the frame on the very back for extra support.

8. Figure out a layout.

7. Hang ’em proud!

Frames: $9

3 stems of flowers ($2.99 each): $9

2 oz bottle of paint: $0.41

Total project: $18.41 + tax

For other tutorials, visit my diy page.



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4 responses to “diy: more easy wall art for under $20

  1. Super cute idea! I’m gonna have to try this!

  2. That’s such a cute idea!

  3. love the idea. And thanks for the idea about the michael’s frames. They can be used for so many things.

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