and it was glorious

“Did you know it’s Chica’s birthday?” Scott asked the other day.

“No, how old is she?”

“Chica is four. I was just offered tickets to the Prince concert tonight, wanna go?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, I can’t go to Prince, I HAVE A CHICKEN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY TO THROW!”

So Scott went to the concert, and while he sent us boring pictures of boring Prince stuff wishing so badly that he had stayed home with us,

Summer and I ran around in a mad dash to throw the best chicken birthday party there ever was. We cooked…

And we cleaned…

We got dressed, put our party hats on and grabbed the birthday girl for a fabulous celebration!

We served pesto ravioli because a bestie deserves the tastiest of treats on her birthday.

Although Chica got her own bib and seat at the dinner table, a certain someone wasn’t having it.

“Much better. Now roll around in my dinner. Good Chicken.”

We sang the most heartfelt rendition of the happy birthday song ever sung in the history of chicken birthdays – ironic considering Chica’s job is to sing happy birthday every day.

We gave her a card with sweet little birthday wishes inside.

We watched her face light up when we gave her a present. Look at that excitement!

Hoorah! Infant pacifiers and plastic food! You didn’t think I’d actually buy a stuffed chicken a present, did you? Come on now, that would just be silly.

We took a group photo for the memory book. Kid group shots – there’s always one kid missing and another who refuses to smile.

And the best part about throwing this fabulous party? Snacking on the leftovers in our pjs after the last guest was thrown on the floor left.

It was our first chicken birthday party and it was glorious.



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6 responses to “and it was glorious

  1. lara

    I love this. I so wish my daughter want’s a birthday party for one of her stuffed animals someday. Such a great memory!

  2. Mandy

    You are hilarious. I genuinely believe that if we lived in the same city (or the same country) we would totally be BFF.

  3. Creen - Colleen

    This post is sooo cute yet so confusing haha.

  4. I love Chica! She’s one of my favorites from Sprout (Star from the Good Night Show is second place)! I think it’s precious that you and Summer threw her a birthday party. That’s such a fun mom thing to do.

  5. Julie

    This may be the bestest post ever written!

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