naturally settled

Sometimes I find myself with an uncomfortable restlessness. It’s an unsettled feeling like I am meant to be somewhere other than where I am in that moment, almost like my presence here is going against what fate had previously decided for me somewhere else.

It can happen on a Monday after a nice long relaxing birthday weekend, after 3 days of living my life with no boss, no schedule, no sitting in the same chair for 8 hours staring out the window and not knowing whether it’s warm or cold out.

It can happen on a 3-cup-of-coffee kind of Tuesday after the baby was up for hours in the night because her mouth was achy, and burying her little face in the crook of a tired mama’s neck was the only thing that would stop her tears.

The restlessness can frazzle me on a Wednesday when the weekend is close but still just too far out of reach to get excited about it.

It can happen on a Thursday when I haven’t made something with my own hands in a while, “my crafting” as Scott calls it, when I dream of cartwheeling down the glitter aisle at the craft store, when I look at an unfinished piece of wood or a blank piece of paper and see the potential to turn it into something pretty but don’t have the opportunity.

It can happen on a Friday when I miss my sisters and my nephews but know that a visit would require a long drive or a flight and money and time that I just don’t have.

But there’s always one thing that can calm my restless mind….

…a long stroll along a pretty gravel path…

…a full body plunge into the earthy smells of the dirt and dried leaves and a rustic knotty wood fence above a dried up creek…

…a deep soul-cleansing breath of the cool air that carries hints of winter and turns your nose pink…

…and a quick stop to admire the contrast of dark browns and bright oranges against swirls of gray.

Wandering through the colors of nature, no matter what the season, settles my restless soul.


And the best part?

Having a buddy who enjoys it as much as I do.



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3 responses to “naturally settled

  1. Mina

    what a beautiful autumn walk, and a lovely antidote to restlessness!

  2. Julie

    You really do have a poet’s soul. I love it.

  3. almostif

    That brought tears to my eyes. And that helped me a lot – because now I know what I need to do to blow away my restlessness blues! xx

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