a halloween tale

Once upon a time, there was a cute little pumpkin with cute little striped legs, a smile on her belly and a crooked little stem on the tippy top of her head.

And one day the little pumpkin’s momma told her to go out and find some magic. So she set out on a journey, not knowing exactly what she was looking for…

Along the way she stumbled upon a cute little cheetah who was out in search of some magic of his own. “Wanna come with me?” she asked the cheetah. “You betcha! Wait, wha-wha-what’s that up in the sky???” he screeched.

And when she looked up, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Flying above her was super girl in search of her own magic, swooping and swirling in the clouds with her cape floating in the wind behind her. She spotted the pumpkin and the cheetah and came down to meet them.

And the three of them declared they would be the bestest of friends and they decided to stick together because a pumpkin, a cheetah, and a super girl would surely be able to find magic together, they thought. Super girl clearly had some doubts about the cute little cheetah but pumpkin put her mind at ease. “He’s cool,” she said.

They stayed close and protected each other from the scary ghosts and goblins they passed as they ventured further and further from home. “I’ll keep you safe,” said the cheetah, “psssst, grab me a peanut butter cup, would ya?”…

And as they explored the land, people ooohed and ahhhhed at how cute they were and they bestowed upon them wonderful gifts like tarts that were sweet and heads like lemons and bears that were gummy.

And they giggled and squealed in delight while holding hands, skipping through the grass and collecting as many things as their little containers could hold.

And after a long journey around the neighborhood world, their mommas told them it was time to go home.

And so the pumpkin, the cheetah and the super hero walked hand in hand, dropping the pumpkin off at her pumpkin patch, the cheetah off at the jungle, and the super hero off to wherever it is that super heroes live.

That night the cute little pumpkin told all of the other pumpkins in the patch how she knocked on people’s doors and ended up with a bucket full of sugary gifts, though she realized that making fantastic memories with her friends was where the magic was all along.

She was one happy pumpkin.



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5 responses to “a halloween tale

  1. I love Summer’s costume! That is one precious pumpkin. She looks like she had a great time trick or treating this year!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    Aww everyone has red noses.

  3. I love your writing! You need to publish children’s books like yesterday.

  4. Simona

    Well I don’t know who that adorable cheetah and Super girl are, but they sure are cute! Too bad Summer’s not cute AT ALL! ( ;

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