thanksgiving 2012

Remember how demanding the cousins were in Michigan? This Thanksgiving weekend was no exception. In fact, I think the cousin alliance might be growing in power because the list of orders that came from the babies was relentless. Our Thanksgiving started off at Grammy’s and it was tame, carefree and we even had a living room parade going at one point with my child as the ring leader.

But after turkey #1, we headed next door to Nanna and Dabadoo’s for turkey #2 and after initial hellos,

the cousins were drawn to each other like moths to a flame.

I kept walking into rooms and finding little faces trying to pretend they weren’t up to anything. I was suspicious to say the least. See that one in the middle?

They call him shifty eyes for good reason.

After a little while, sure enough the demands started.

“Kiss me like you’ve missed me!”

Read me a book!”

“Throw me in the air!”

Build me a tower!”


“Kiss me like you MEAN it!”

Read me a BETTER book!”

“I want a TALLER tower!”





“Can you not hear me? I said BOOK!”




It went on like this for days. It was exhausting. Oy, these babies. Finally on Sunday, the little one said, “hush, that’s enough, I think our work here is done.”

And good old shifty eyes said “peace out, it’s been cool, yo. I’m taking my bro back to Michigan.”

And just like that, Thanksgiving weekend was over. I’m a little nervous for Christmas.



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2 responses to “thanksgiving 2012

  1. Your Thanksgiving with the twins looks like my family’s! I can’t imagine a calm holiday anymore. But crazy holidays are always the best!

  2. you can tell how much joy they brought to the holiday!

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