my sister, becky

This is my baby sister, Becky. She’s pretty fabulous like Jules, I do believe.

becky 16I mean really, anyone who can pull off a plastic tablecloth with that hat has got to be pretty fantastic, don’t you think?

Becky is tough,

becky 3

with a soft spot in her heart for bears…

becky 4

and seals,

becky 5

and silly monkeys (the blue one),

becky 10

and puppies,

becky 11

and I’m not sure what this is but she loves it, too.

becky 12

I also think it’s kinda strange that she has more pictures of herself with fake animals than with me on her Facebook,

becky 11

but I won’t hold that against her because she’s cute.

becky 5

She has a dog named Bear,

becky 15

though I think he’s human and could have passed with a name like George.

becky 14

She loves Santa,

becky 1

has a mean left hook,

becky 3

is great at snuggling babies,

becky 8

and teaching them how to be cool.

becky 7

I’m pretty sure she gave birth to 7 babies by the shore, though I’m not sure where they are now. She says it was the wind.

becky 6




She has sleepy friends,

becky 9

perfect hair,

becky 1

and looks spectacular in red.

becky 13

And when she moved to a land far far away,

becky 6

she met this goofy guy,

ben 1

and they fell in love,

becky 2

now they’re getting married,


and Summer will have two Uncle Bens.

ben 3

Becky said her’s can be Uncle Beard.

becky 4

I still haven’t figured out why.

ben 2

I offered to help with her wedding so I made her some table numbers out of corks,


and apparently the mailman didn’t like them.


But it’s ok, I made it easy for her to put back together. See?

3 4 fixed

I miss my Becky everyday.

becky 3

And I can’t wait to see her for Christmas.



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7 responses to “my sister, becky

  1. I love those cork numbers! There’s definitely nothing better than seeing the long lost siblings for holidays!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    You look a lot alike.

  3. Where is that? I want to move there too!!

  4. Joy

    Hi Jamie,
    I have been reading for years but never really comment. I love you writing style and outlook on life.
    Separately I love those cork #s. how did you get all the corks. I drink a lot of wine but counting them I think I would have to be tipsy from now to my friends wedding to have enough for all the tables.

    • First of all, thank you! And about the corks – my sister sent them to me from CA, she has a friend who works at a restaurant and has been collecting them for her 🙂 I may have contributed a few also.

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