sick little bugger

This whole momma business – it’s killer on the nerves. It makes me worry, and smile, and empathize, and feel so grateful for everything this little being has brought to my life, and I find myself visualizing the most horrific things my mind can imagine and then praying that none of it will ever happen to my baby. And today, on day 3 of my little monkey being sick with something that I can’t pinpoint, Scott is taking her to the doctor to find out why she won’t eat, won’t open her eyes for more than a few minutes, and won’t let her little arms unravel around our necks as she clings on and whimpers and breaks my heart.


Poor little baby 😦

I’m praying it’s just another ear infection. Though I must admit I’m worried about her, more so than last time only because she has no other symptoms – no runny nose telling me it’s a cold, no hoarse voice telling me it’s her throat, no chesty cough telling me it’s a respiratory infection – and my momma brain is in overdrive, though my gut is telling me to sit tight. Waiting for a text from Scott with some good news…..



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2 responses to “sick little bugger

  1. Mandy

    Thinking of you guys and sending happy healing thoughts! Please update us 🙂

  2. Simona

    : ( Poor baby. Keep us posted.

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