january edumacations

So far this month, I’ve learned some very valuable life lessons…..

I’ve learned that if you make friendly conversation with the person at the gas pump next to you about the Cold Steel logo wrapped around his truck, he might just hand you a $45 light-up bottle of vodka for free.


I’ve learned that 3 months of ear infections will lead to a referral to the ENT for a myringotomy (tube surgery).


I’ve learned that when you lose your phone, make sure it’s not under your heating pad.

hot phone

I’ve learned that the reason flash photos on my phone were looking foggy for the last 3 years was because of my phone case.


I’ve learned that Summer has inherited her daddy’s need for organization and her momma’s love of pretty wine glasses.

dollar tree 21

I’ve learned that although scary looking, apparently this is not an amoxicillin allergy. It definitely fooled me.

neck rash10

Day 2 of amoxicillin when it started ^

face rash

Day 3, 36 hours after we had stopped the amoxicillin ^ (I demanded we switch meds just in case).

I’ve learned that radio stations are fun places to play. Move over Dr. Phil, there’s a new doc in town…

Dr Jaime3

I’ve learned that we would make horrible detectives and suck at murder mysteries.

murder mystery9

I’ve learned that Scott’s car has a cousin, in Deerfield no less.

weenie 112

I’ve learned that my brother-in-law LOVES staying up until midnight on New Year’s.

New Years

I’ve learned that my mom needs a chaperone to the doggy park just in case she, you know, hits her head on a tree or lands backwards on the concrete or breaks her foot or something.

mom foot 28

Thank you January for all the learning, I feel smarter everyday. Just don’t hurt my mom(s) again or I’ll have to punch you in the neck.



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2 responses to “january edumacations

  1. Hopefully the free vodka will help make up for the other, not so fun things you learned!

  2. A) I want that vodka!
    B) I am so sorry and hope your daughter is feeling better! I am allergic to all -cillins and get a rash just like that! I hope you figured out what it is, and that everyone is all betta.

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