milk and cookies

After reading my post last Thursday, my good friend Kelly texted me with some words I needed to hear.

“I’m so sorry you guys are going through this but happy you caught it early, and knowledge is power, right? You’re a strong momma, and Summer takes after her momma. Now go and get yourself and Summer some cookies and milk for an afternoon snack.”

She made me tear up and I told her it just made me so sad to know that Summer can’t hear much.

“She can’t hear much right now but that doesn’t have to mean forever. You are such a positive person, you have to keep that positivity up for Summer right now. Now go and get yourself and Summer some cookies and milk.”

I told her she was right, that I have really high hopes for the surgery, and I’m staying positive.

“And the cookies. Go and get some cookies.”

Jebus. Cookies. Got it.

I can’t tell you the last time I went out for cookies. Or milk. Maybe never actually. And so by the sheer power of Kelly’s insistence, I picked up Summer from daycare late that afternoon and we took a little trip to Panera where we snagged the last of the m&m cookies, grabbed a chocolate milk, pulled up a high chair to the table by the window, and I could see it in her eyes. The wow, this is a whole lot better than going straight home to watch the dogs go outside and pee.

cookies 2

She dove teeth first into that cookie and ate each little m&m off the top one by one. And each time she kicked the table and I went kickyyyyy! in a crazy voice, she laughed so hard and insisted I do it again and again. And when the guy with the laptop next to us got up and left, I wasn’t too terribly surprised because really, I would have gotten up and left, too if I didn’t get to sit at the table that was having all the fun.

cookies 1

And as soon as Summer noticed there was a cow on her milk container, she pointed, said cow, and then gave me her best moooooo. And then she noticed one by one the other 247 cows on the other 3 sides of the carton and she mooed again. 247 times. And it was so funny. And we both thought it was hilarious when she yelled DADDY! every time a guy walked past the window in a black coat. And to every person who walked past our table she’d flash her cheese smile. You know the one…


And every time she’d look at me, she’d say YUMMY! while laughing with a mouth full of cookie though it sounded more like LUMMAAAY! because it’s hard to talk with a mouth full of food, and crumbs ended up everywhere. And then she squeezed her milk and it shot out of the straw and it was hilariously messy. I actually caught that one on video.


And I’ll be damned if after work milk and cookies with my girl wasn’t the perfect fuel for my sad momma soul that day.

Thank you, Kelly.

T-minus 2 days until surgery for my sweet pea.



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5 responses to “milk and cookies

  1. Hoping for a smooth and successful surgery for Summer! Will be keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. aguasulis

    Awesome advice! You are one of the absolute best mommies I know. Lots of love!

  3. Kelly

    And now you made me tear up while at the same time having a big smile on my face. I love all the pics! Love you guys!!! xoxo

  4. FYI for surgery: I you want to, you may be able o ask to go back when they put her under. I did with Josephine. It helped her not freak out. I just sang her songs until she drifted off. Some places won’t let you though.

  5. Good luck with the surgery!

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