the terrible two’s

The almost nightly tantrums that start with a few tears from my sweet little angel baby and then turn into ugly fits of toddler rage with crying and screaming and throwing oneself onto the floor and purposely hitting one’s head and wriggling around on the floor like someone’s puppy just got hit by a truck are making me think that either a) she’s had a rough week at daycare full of playing, eating, singing and napping, or b) we have officially entered the land of the terrible two’s. Scott keeps saying things like “this can’t become an every night thing…” and “she needs to use her words…” I keep saying to hunker down buddy, we have 21-month-old and we’re in it for the long haul.


30 Reasons My (almost) 2-Year-Old Has Had Raging Hysterical Meltdowns:

diaper changes

I make her eat something other than parmesan cheese for dinner

it takes me more than 2 seconds to pour milk in a sippy cup

I tell her not to hit the dog

I tell her not to hit me

she wants to be naked

she finishes her apple

the play doh is dried up and I can no longer make her a “big ball”

the wipes are too cold

I won’t let her drink water out of my cup after she spills it down her front for the 3rd time


the dog sits on my lap

I won’t give her my necklace, bracelet or belt

I wipe her face with a wet paper towel

she has crumbs on her hands

she’s out of goldfish

I walk into another room

I cut her nails


I comb her hair

her blankie can’t go in the bathtub

I can’t figure out what imaginary object she wants while she incessantly points to an empty shelf going “um, um, um, UM, UM…”

I try putting her shoes on the right feet

I sing the wrong song

she wants a different app/video/song on my phone

she can’t see her belly button while wearing footie pajamas

she wants mommy to do it

she wants to do it herself

she wants mommy to do it



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9 responses to “the terrible two’s

  1. Rachel / High Wire

    Haha OMG!

  2. I could’ve written this myself! We got little divas on our hands Breanna does the same throwing on floor! Also freaks out if she has water on her yet she LOVES baths

  3. Tara

    Fun times I tell ya. Our 18 month old stomps one foot at you if you aren’t fast enough, and combing her hair involves rubberbands in my mouth, comb in one hand or half through her hair while running around every corner and into every room. Oh boy…

  4. D is about the same age as S. Yesterday, we had an epic meltdown because first he wanted the snowman book, and then he didn’t want the snowman book, and then he wanted the snowman book, etc. It ended with him throwing himself on the floor crying. Fun times!

    We’ll get through it though! =)

  5. i know it isn’t funny when you’re actually dealing with it, but you always know how to put a humorous spin on things. she’s 21 months already? holy cow.

  6. Theresa

    This is my life! 🙂

  7. Mandy

    LMFAO… OMG. My life.

  8. this is hysterical! i’m a first time mom of an 8-week old – i imagine i’ll look back on this in 2-ish years and think, ‘welp! i was warned!’

  9. Yoghurt

    Just saw this and it reminded me of your blog post.

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