march happenings

Well March flew by in a blink – we did stuff, we went places, you know, the usual.


My boss came into town and after I fixed his computer (that was a proud moment for me….)


…he got to bond with my crazy family over crab legs and garlic rolls at Bob Chinn’s. When the server came over and asked for our drinks, Scott ordered a Daisy Cutter (a local Chicago-brewed beer).

Boss: “What’s a Daisy Cutter?”

Scott: “Picture this….it’s like if you mow your lawn on a hot sweaty summer day, then shovel up the grass and dirt, put it in a can and drink it.”

Mmmm, sounds delightful like a bowl full of chewed gum.

IMG_7973 copy

Bonding over their glasses of sod


photo copy

March was full of singing, and a little someone who knows her alphabet by heart, lots of snuggles and reading time…



Getting the double eff you from my tv while singing where is tall man, here I am



And finally the promise of nicer weather was made…



Though the absolute best moment of March was the day I found out I had won 2013 Mother of the Year…

We had moved Summer out of her crib about 3 months ago and she now sleeps in her room on a queen sized mattress on the floor, surrounded by pillows just in case she rolls off. The other night Summer woke up and started crying so I got out of my bed to go crawl into hers, luckily missed the gate this time, made it almost to her bed…and. I. stepped. on. my. child. Right on her back. She had started crying because she had rolled onto the floor. She wouldn’t stop crying because her mommy is ridiculous.


Happy Friday, happy Easter, happy Spring!



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4 responses to “march happenings

  1. I spy the pump room! I know it’s your office now… but still… it will never be anything different to me. Which is weird since I also ate lunch in there quite often. Gross.

  2. Summer has gotten so big! I can’t believe how much like a -kid- she looks now!

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