above the water


Last week, we parked in the same familiar parking lot, walked through the same generic lobby, took the same carpeted elevator up to the second floor, and were greeted by the same friendly face in a white lab coat. She brought us into the same room as last time and sat us in the same booth with my mom sitting on the other side. A sort of planned deja vu if you will. And so we began with the exact same words coming out of the exact same speaker, her voice echoing crystal clear through my head only this time there was also a brand new set of ears in the room soaking it all in, too.

“Hi, Summer…over here….”

And before the last word here was even spoken, my baby turned her head toward that right speaker so fast, if I had blinked I would have missed it. And as my own smile took over my whole body, I could feel the happiness beaming through the sound-proofed walls from my mom and the audiologist on the other side.

“Summer, over here….”

Just as fast as the first time, Summer swung her head around to the left towards the voice coming from the other speaker and I couldn’t help but give both of her little thighs a squeeze as I was screaming yea! yea! yea! so loudly in my head that I was 100% sure other people could hear it. I never knew something so small, just a simple turn of my girl’s head could make me want to stand up and scream through a megaphone like a crazed cheerleader. It made that awful morning in the hospital a month ago worth every tear that was shed.

And as the microphone was turned down quieter with each sound, Summer just kept on turning her head towards the speakers and the audiologist’s smile kept getting bigger and bigger as my girl heard every tone and sound she put out there, some of which I couldn’t even hear myself. It really was so amazing to see the difference of before and after.

Since the surgery now that she can hear so well, sometimes a little too well (we have officially resorted to spelling things we don’t want her to repeat), Summer’s vocabulary has absolutely exploded! I liken it to the time I bought my mom a flat-iron and showed her how to straighten her own hair. For a month, she commented on how it wasn’t as eeeeeasy as it looked, it was so haaaaaaard, but she kept on trying, trying and straightening and trying some more like a crazed woman until she got it down to an art. Then I discovered that only one side of the flat-iron had been working the entire time. Let me tell ya, once she had a fully functioning flat-iron? The woman could straighten her hair with her hands tied behind her back. And when Summer’s ears made everything sound like she was underwater, she was actually still pretty good at mimicking our words and songs, but once her ears were clear? Well, now I can’t get her to stop talking and singing.

And for your viewing pleasure, a little ditty from my girl no longer underwater, she’s now floating high above it….

To watch directly on YouTube, click here



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7 responses to “above the water

  1. Oh, hunny, tears in the eyes… 😀
    BTW, love the little remix she does at the end 😀

  2. hooray! this is wonderful.

  3. Sarah

    Yay! Yay! Yay!!!!

  4. Mandy

    So sweet. I can’t get over how much she is talking. My little girl is about a month younger than Summer and although she communicates very well and follows multi-step directions like a pro, she only says about 15 words.

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