i believe, i believe, i believe

I believe Jim Carrey singing “I Believe I Can Fly” in Fun with Dick and Jane is one of the greatest songs sung in the history of movies.

I believe my baby looks more like my mom than me. She has Nanna’s hair and all of her facial features, though I think she got her momma’s goofy sense of humor.


Yeah, I totally did that last night, too.

I still believe in wishing on stars, though I’m pretty sure I’ve wished on a few planets. Potato, potahto, I’m pretty sure it still works.

I believe that light blue is officially my new favorite color.

I believe that it’s the little things that can make a girl feel pretty – a compliment, a new hairdo, a nice coat of pink on the nails.


I believe friends who let you draw marker tattoos on their boobs are the kinds of friends you keep for life.


…and when you love playing with their kiddos, well even better.


…and when your kid loves their kid and their kid loves your kid, life is grand.


I believe I am more afraid of my parents dying than I am myself.

I believe that every person you meet and everything you go through in your lifetime happens for a reason and although you may not realize it at the time, when you look back later, it will all make sense.

I believe toddler hands found my phone and put in the wrong passcode a few too many times.


I believe that I will never ever be able to make an elephant sound. Every time I try, in my head it sounds like an elephant but comes out a ridiculous mouth fart.

I believe that I found the perfect dress to Becky’s wedding in August. Why yes, that is a potty on the floor, thank you for asking.


I believe yesterday was the first time in 35 years I’ve said the words “I have to pick up my dry cleaning”.

I believe I’m going to Elmo Makes Music in a few weeks and I’m going to miss the Chicago Kids and Kites Fest which just makes me sad. Last year’s fest was my favorite day in the whole world.


I believe that love is the only emotion that can make you feel warm and fuzzy, crazy, silly, ridiculously angry and deliriously happy all at the same time.

I believe my sister will have a baby.

I believe in lounging in the same pjs all weekend.


I believe beer and string cheese is a good combo. So is bacon and more bacon.

I believe I still have at least 1 moment everyday at work where I think, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

I believe sidewalk chalk is the greatest invention ever.


I believe in being spontaneous, laughing at myself, never making plans, and not taking life too seriously.

I believe it’s almost the weekend – go take a bath, put on your pjs and find something good to believe in…



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