color run chicago

This year we spent Father’s Day celebrating in a “think outside the box” kinda way – my dad signed us all up for the Chicago Color Run with the team name “SummerWillow”. Seriously how sweet was that? Knowing that we could walk the event made us all happy, especially considering my dad has a bum knee, my mom has a bum foot and I only run if I’m being chased by a serial killer.

If you’ve never seen one of these runs in motion, it’s so unbelievably fun – this one was a 5k with 4 color stations that you walk through as people throw paint dust all over you. And if you do it up right, you end up crossing the finish line a whole lot more colorful than you were when you started.

Some of my favorite pics that make me smile…

So clean and shiny…

color run 004

color run 009

color run 023

color run 010

color run 022

Orange zone ahead…

color run 024

color run 014

Look at how far behind everyone else was, they were eating our dust…

color run 011

Pink zone…

color run 013

color run 002

Yellow zone….

color run 001

color run 006

This is about where we lost my mom who didn’t have a phone…

color run 021

Do you know how hard it is to find someone in a crowd of 36,000 people where everyone is wearing the same thing AND covered head to toe in paint? We had no idea if she was ahead of us or behind us and I thought I might never see my mommy again. Luckily we found her a few minutes before crossing the finish line so we all got to cross it together. 🙂

color run 025

color run 020

Hello. Er, bonjour. They call me Francois…

color run 017

color run 018

A random stranger thought Ryan was a little too clean at the finish line…

color run 015

color run 016

color run 007

color run 005

color run 003

color run 019

color run 028

Had to share the swag with the wee one back at home…

color run 008

And the absolute best part of the entire event was at the very end…..

To view directly on You Tube, click here



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3 responses to “color run chicago

  1. We had SO much fun at Color Me Rad (same kind of race w/ a different name) I was brave and took my 3 kids by myself. I covered the stroller with a white sheet for the little guy. My 2 older kids wanted to run ahead (they are 9 & 11) It was much scarier to have two kids “lost” in the crowd of white & color. Luckily I found them both!

  2. Creen - Colleen

    Looks like fun!!

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