the sad makes the happy better

I’ve realized it’s not the circumstances that kill us- it is the sad. And my heart aches for the people who are walking around already dead from the sad. Waking up every day and going through motions and calling it Life. If you survive the circumstances…don’t let the sad get you. ~ This post on Momastery

Yesterday was hot and gross outside, painful cramps were kicking my butt, the workday was a demanding one, and it was just one of those days where I felt numb and all I could focus on was the bad and sad stuff, a sharp contrast to my usual silver lining self. For as much of a firm believer as I am that being happy is a choice, I do have my moments of self-defeat, grim outlooks, and being uncomfortable with the way the day or the month or life in general is going. I hate being in that place, that funk, when I’m in it I feel unsettled like my mind is at odds with my inner nature. And yesterday was just one of those days – it called for a smack to the side of the head with the happy stick, a shake me by the shoulders and remind me that overall life is good moment, and thanks to my friend Kelly who knows a thing or two about a thing or two, I knew just the thing to do.


It’s funny what an hour at Panera, sharing a chocolate chip cookie and listening to my little beauty INSIST that there are 5 cows on her chocky milk when in fact there are only 4, can do to make a bad day better. It can remind me that life, right here, right now, right where I am at this very moment is good and real and sometimes tough and painful and at the same time not that serious and it is amazing and forgiving and funny and beautiful all wrapped up in a little package. And if I’m having a down moment and need a happy one to balance it out, I can make that happen, but that is up to me.

IMG_0255 IMG_0257

I think the sad moments help us appreciate the happy ones more because if we never felt the sad, and being happy all day everyday was our norm, our happy would just feel average instead of the fantastic that it actually is.

If we didn’t have dark, we wouldn’t know what light means.

If we didn’t have rainy days, we wouldn’t know to appreciate clear skies.

And if we didn’t have the sad every once in a while, happy would eventually lose it’s thrill.


This silver lining brought to you by yesterday’s milk and cookies magic, topped with a trip to Petsmart to pat doggies and watch the kitties just for that extra little sprinkle of happy rainbows and unicorn farts.


Focusing on the happy today.



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3 responses to “the sad makes the happy better


    Thank you for this awesome reminder. So timely for me… I’ve been so bummed about having a c-section with this babe, and I am thankful for the bright spots of sunshine that Lilly is providing me with! These little people are just so full of joy, aren’t they? And it’s truly the simple things that make them joyful. I love them for that. (Among other things!)

    I need to get over here and comment more but always read you on my iphone and get too lazy to comment. Know I’m reading and I love it, even if I am a lazy commenter! Keep writing. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Or…to put it into one sentence…”No rain…no rainbows!”

  3. Julie

    Love this reminder

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