the wedding

This past weekend, Summer and I traveled across the country for my sister’s wedding. The wedding was like something straight out of a Shakespearian love poem, we were surrounded by earthy nature, redwood trees, water and flowers and serene rustic features with the feeling of being in the middle of a forest. The setting was perfect, the bride and groom looked perfect, it was…perfect. We cried, we smiled, we hugged and we danced. Oh did we dance. It was a magical day and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

IMG_0575 IMG_0577 IMG_0582 798243_10151650725619633_1140584419_o 954789_10100973246722625_1150996611_n 981868_10151650725799633_555960889_o 1004690_10152137927730031_1420673501_n 1009030_10151650729184633_1474783605_o 1091173_10151650725454633_1438613747_o 1093866_10151650726594633_786541200_o 1094479_10151650726669633_2064987725_o 1102748_10151650726794633_921533212_o 1115960_10200334581315246_1035463630_o 1146148_10151650729469633_2023134917_o 1146369_10151650729364633_2019517361_o 1149233_10151650727094633_1756749808_o 1149259_10151650725824633_730212049_o 1149598_10151650729289633_1344757427_o 1150931_651943331490931_1152727240_n 1167119_10151650727689633_1576865966_o 1172784_10151650727554633_1174024754_o IMG_0572 IMG_0573

Becky and Ben, you are the epitome of love and truly my inspiration. I hope that everyone in this world finds the magic you have found in each other.


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