the moon

Pst…little one, come on over here, I wanna tell you some things about some things.


You know how sometimes you’re super happy when I let you put on your bathing suit and you run around singing “I love my BATHING suit! I love my BATHING suit!” for a good solid hour?


And then there are other times you’re really sad like when I have to drop you off at daycare so I can work and you don’t quite understand that I really don’t want to leave you, but the freeloading dogs just will not pull their own freaking weight enough to, you know, buy groceries and pay the rent?

That’s kind how life is. There’s happy, there’s sad, there’s turmoil and there’s peace – life waxes and wanes like the moon.


There will be great times when you’ll feel 100% completely fulfilled, and there will be other times when you just don’t get what’s going on. There will be people who you let into your precious life who will just get you and they’ll always be the ones you run to. Sisters, best friends, maybe even little old me, maybe?


And there will be people who you let into your life and they will break your sweet little heart. And you better keep me away from those people because so help me God I will hurt them.

There will be jobs you dread going to everyday, and there will be careers you can see yourself happily doing for the rest of your life. There will be times you doubt your abilities and there will be times you’ve never felt more confident.


There will be mean girls on the playground and there will be best friends standing next to you holding your hand. There will be times when you don’t want to rock the boat, and there will be times when you embrace change.


There will be times you belly laugh so hard that tears stream down your face, and there will be other times you cry so hard you think you’ll never stop. There will be people who need you at times more than anyone else in the world and there will be times you need someone else’s hand to hold.


There will be times when you want to surround yourself with the people you hold dearest, and there will be times you just want to be alone with your thoughts.


There will be times that you’ll surprise yourself with an awesome witty comeback, and there will be moments when you think of something you should have said an hour too late.


You will figure out what you do best, and you will try some things that will never make sense to you. Kinda like me and the guitar. You on the other hand, I think you’ve got that one down…


There will be times when there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything on your list, and there will be days where you’ll be sitting trying to think of something to do. There will be times you pride yourself on how clean your house is, and there will be times you’ll wonder when the tornado blew through.

photo 2

There will be days where you want to run around outside in the sunshine and there will be days when you want to hole up in your house under a blanket in front of the tv. There will be days that you feel frumpy and there will be days you feel beautiful. I hope the beautiful ones outweigh the frump, because you, my sweet, are the most beautiful little soul I have ever known.


The waxing and the waning. Roll with it my love, do what makes you happy, surround yourself with love, and the moon will take you places you never thought possible.



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2 responses to “the moon

  1. Catalina

    I absolutely love your writing!! So inspiring…
    I do not have kids but I want to save all your letters to your child and read them to my future children (whenever that is LOL)

  2. This is so sweet! Your baby girl is going to love reading these one day.

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