crafty hoarding

I have a problem.

I go to Michael’s and I buy stuff to make things…usually very specific things, like a Christmas ornament or baby shower game prizes. The problem lies in the fact that when I buy stuff to make things, I buy too much stuff to make too few things. And I end up keeping the extra stuff, just in case I ever need, you know, a few extra hundred seashells. Or beads. Or fake flowers. Or sparkly things. In all fairness it’s not entirely my fault I’ve become a craft supply hoarder – do you know Michael’s doesn’t sell googly eyes in packs of two? Because that would make too much sense now, and they must firmly believe that I should have a bag of 98 extra googly eyes on hand for the quite common everyday googly eye emergency because really, you never know.

And I’ve ended up with a craft bag that I can no longer lift over my head to put away on the shelf in my closet, so it sits on the floor because it’s better than the alternative of me ending up with a brain injury due to a 50 pound bag full of mother freaking jingle bells and 38 different colored containers of puffy paint falling on my head. This is my craft bag – it’s about 3.5 feet wide, 1.5 feet tall and it is ridiculous.



A couple of weeks ago Summer and I were looking for something to do because it was too cold to go outside and too boring to sit in front of the tv. So I decided to let her in on my little secret. I got in close, kinda nudged her shoulder with mine a little, and asked her if she wanted to see something cool. I brought her to my closet and opened up my craft bag for her to peek inside. That girl’s eyes lit up and her whole body disappeared as she dove head first into the bag full of rhinestones, Santa stickers and glitter shakers. She started pulling out handfuls of things and when I saw the bottle of glue peeking out of the side pocket, I had a brilliant idea… Glue. Things. To. Paper.

Yes, yes, I am a genius.

So we spent the better part of the afternoon gluing. And now everyday she wants to make pictures with me. So everyday we sit at the dining room table, we glue snowflakes and flower beads and hearts to paper, sometimes to the table, always to the carpet, and we both love it. And despite the fact that I’ve had to tell her a few times not to put seashells in her ears, it’s easy entertainment and my craft bag is slowly getting lighter every day.

But now I have a different problem.


I need a bigger fridge. Send magnets.



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2 responses to “crafty hoarding

  1. Aw, but at least that’s a cute problem to have!

  2. This is about the best use EVER for left over craft supplies! Will you and Summer please come visit and use up some of my supplies too??

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