we are their everything

I read a comment the other day from someone on Facebook about the best part of being someone’s mom:

“I love the fact the two little ones need me so much, that in their eyes I hung the moon.”

What a beautiful way to put it.

At the end of the day, no matter what stresses we may have had swimming through our heads,

no matter how hard the work day may have been,

no matter what battles we may have fought,

or how much we felt like crumbling when we were sick,

or how many new wrinkles or gray hairs we saw when we looked in the mirror,

or how badly we wanted to ram the jerk who cut us off in traffic,

or how frazzled we felt when there was laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and cleaning to do,

or how many calls needed to be returned to friends who hadn’t heard from us in a week because we’d been so busy trying to get it all done (sorry Sharon 🙂 )…

Those little ones don’t see us as the tattered and scraggly people we may feel like sometimes while we’re busy handling all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to keep the ship upright and moving forward. Nope. All they see, these precious little ones, is mommy, or daddy, their everything, a soft place to land, the person who hung the moon. I love that phrase so much.


What an amazing gift to always have someone by your side who looks at you with stars in their eyes.


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