miss jenny, come back

We had to say goodbye to our favorite daycare teacher, Miss Jenny, last week. Miss Jenny is an amazing person, Summer’s favorite at daycare which was evident from the fact that she regularly called her ‘mommy’ and called me ‘Miss Jenny’. It’s only been a few days but we already miss her terribly.

When I went to pick up Summer this past Monday, the first day with the new woman, she didn’t bother to introduce herself to me, and as soon as Summer saw me she ran to me and just lost it, sobbing into my shoulder and telling me that the new woman threw away her valentine.

Oh, hell no.

I honestly have never seen her so upset – it completely broke my heart and took everything in my power to not punch new woman in the neck. As I sat with a devastated Summer on my lap in the corner knowing full well she had put on a brave face and held this in all day until she had my arms wrapped safely around her. Between hiccups and tears my little one told me that they had all made valentine cards and Summer had ripped hers, so the woman took it from her and threw it in the garbage even though she told her she wanted to keep it. And now every kid had a valentine except her.

Not cool, new woman, not cool. If there’s anything my little one loves to do, it’s to show me proudly her creations from that day, and she didn’t have anything to show me because it was in the fucking garbage. Though obviously not a big deal to the new woman, it was a huge deal to my little girl which made it a huge deal to me, and this mama bear was pissed. Had it been a week earlier, Miss Jenny would have either taped it up for her or let her make a new one because Miss Jenny gets it like a momma.

So we got in the car and I took my lovey to Dollar Tree to cheer her up by letting her pick out whatever she wanted (her items of choice included glittery foam mini Easter eggs, a ducky scrubby brush, a football, a notepad and a jump rope, ha) and we went home and made a new even better valentine. Once I could finally say the word valentine without her little bottom lip trembling and when she held up her new valentine and declared, “mommy, I’m happy now,” I knew I had done good.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Damage control, baby.

Tuesday, the next day at daycare, Summer had 2 potty accidents and for a little one who’s been potty trained for nearly 5 months now, rarely has an accident, and will run to me and declare loudly, “MOMMY I HAVE TO GO POTTY!” every time, 2 accidents in one day tells me this woman is not paying attention and it pisses me off to no end. Both Scott and I have already complained. And apparently we’re not the only parents who have which is horrible considering new woman has only been around for literally a few days.

I know change is inevitable, we lost Miss Rose a few months ago and survived. And I know Miss Jenny left some big shoes to fill, but Miss Jenny was golden and I know she loved my baby and the feeling was mutual. That’s all I ask of people – just love my baby and pay attention to her – not too much to expect from a daycare teacher in my opinion. We’ll see what happens from here.

Oh, and Miss Jenny?

Come back.



I’ll bake you a cake.

And give you a valentine.




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4 responses to “miss jenny, come back

  1. Miss Jenny

    I’m so mad I’m shaking! This was my biggest fear and it just came true. I don’t know what I can do, but I will do something! Maybe I’ll just come get Summer an her and I will have our own daycare! And we will make decorations and cake everyday!

    Time to make some calls…

  2. Mandy

    This pisses me off to no end, too! Imagining my own little girl in Summer’s shoes just breaks my heart. Miss Jenny sounds like a wicked awesome lady.
    Re: her potty training accidents… maybe New Lady has also made Summer scared/uncomfortable and she was too frightened or nervous to ask to go to the potty, or tried to hold it in too long? Which is just as bad – maybe even worse!
    Complain, complain, complain and hopefully that snatch gets the heave-ho!

  3. Mina

    sounds like new lady needs to shape up in a big way or go!

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