the whirlwind

God will not lead you where God is not waiting.

Ah, this whirlwind called life lately…


I’ve been carving out lots of time for healing my heart and soul, enjoying the peace and happiness with Summer, reconnecting with old friends and my sewing machine on the days she’s not with me, all the while dealing with the never ending lawyers and the 9 hour work day and the trying to figure out how to do this all financially…it’s quite a balancing act keeping all the plates spinning and not letting any of them crash to the ground. I’m not quite sure how they’re all still spinning, but I’m surprised at how much strength can surface when you need it the most.


Update on the daycare debacle – Miss Evil-Valentine-Killer is gone, hurrah! The potty accidents were one thing, though this woman had the nerve to blame her lack of attention on Summer by telling Scott that our daughter is not ready to be potty trained (ahem, she has been potty trained for the better part of a year now thankyouverymuchyoulazyevilhorriblewoman), safety was another. After Scott walked in one day to find Miss Evil down the hall mopping the floor while 6 unattended preschoolers hung by their hands on the wooden cubbies on the wall, that was it. She was gone as soon as we let the owner know. And now we have a fabulous new teacher who gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to hug kittens and pat unicorns instead of punching them. (Miss Jenny, we still miss you dearly)

I took Summer to her first movie in a theater a week ago, knowing full well it could go one of 2 ways, hence the reason we went to the 10:30am showing. Total spontaneous decision, I packed a small bag with fruit snacks and a sippy and we headed out to the theater to see Frozen. She was definitely unsure of what to expect as she sat on my lap and covered her eyes for all of the previews, and holy crap did she jump at the first scene where an axe comes through the ice, but after that she started to thaw out a little. Har, we saw Frozen. Thaw. I know, I’m not funny. She did fantastic and I think she enjoyed the movie, even though we missed a few parts with 3 potty breaks and her insisting we leave 10 minutes before it was over, she practically pushed me out the door as I tried to stall by putting on our coats reeeeeeeeeeeally slow, tiptoeing backwards to the exit so I could watch, stopping in the doorway thinking maybe she’d be ok as long as I was holding her … yeah, she wasn’t having it, out the door we went. I am so sad I don’t know how it ends!


I recently took on the role of project manager for a team project at work because I needed more things to do as much as I needed the new hole that Hazel chewed in my bedspread last night. But after being talked of the edge of the project managing cliff, oh I was so ready to jump, I decided that instead of jumping it might be more fun to delegate everything I originally thought I had to do. Project Manager now means tell everyone else what to do so you don’t have to do it yourself. Um, yes I can do that. Now, I’m just trying to come up with a few more fancy titles for my teammates that would help me even more, so far I have Grocery Shopping Coordinator and Laundry Folding Facilitator.


The little one has almost made it to her 3rd birthday, my Baby Center monthly email subject lines have now officially gone from “your newborn” to “your baby” to “your toddler” to “your preschooler”. I wonder how long they send these and if I’ll be getting emails 18 years from now with the subject “your legal binge-drinking adult child”.

A few weeks back I had a to take a medical exam for my life insurance policy and luckily they sent the person to my house to do it. She came complete with a rolling suitcase stuffed to the brim with a scale, a tape measure, rubber gloves and a bunch of medical pokey things. Problem now is that every time I eat at my dining room table I have visions of a little old Polish woman poking a needle in my arm to draw blood and pouring mah pee pee in a bunch of test tubes. Not exactly the image you want flashing through your mind over chicken nuggets and steamed carrots.


Last week I met another single momma in my building, actually she’s right upstairs from me and she has a little girl, too a few years older than Summer. They’ve been living here for 5 years and say the pool here at the apartment complex is awesome in the summer time! I’ve never had a fancy pool of my own to share with a 1,000 people I’ve never met, the closest I’ve had to an unlimited access pool was the blow up kiddie oasis my sister got Summer last year for our backyard that came with so many separate sections that I almost fainted blowing it up for 3 hours.

And then it popped a week later. Damn you, pointy objects.


The Chicago Kids and Kites Fest is coming to Montrose Harbor on Saturday, May 3rd and I. AM. SO. EXCITED. It is one of the most magical days in the entire world.  It’s marked on my calendar with big puffy hearts covered in glitter so if you need me that day, you can find me running down the side of a hill with my little one at my feet and a few hundred kites in the sky.


One of my favorite blog posts that I’ve ever written came from that day: My Heaven has Kites.


That’s about it, hanging in there, figuring it all out and staying sane.



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  1. aguasulis

    You are doing awesome and I am SO proud of you!

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