to be almost 3

Almost a year ago I wrote about the funny little things a 2 year old does. And almost a year later….well, I’m still learning the mind of an almost 3-year-old…

Still the funny little beings they were at 2, now they’re a little wiser and braver and funnier:


They’ll hide in the same spot every single time they play hide and seek.

When you give them an option on which shirt they want, they’ll give you the dreaded blank stare. And when you finally just pick one for them, they’ll always want the other.

They’ll take an hour and a half to eat a meal yet they can eat 3 bags of fruit snacks in 30 seconds.


They’ll beg to watch the one show you don’t have DVR’d.

And once you do record it, they’ll never ask for it again.

They’ll find this thing at the grocery store and beg you to go on it until you finally fish a quarter out of the bottom of your purse, turn it on and then pull them off the giant scary horsey 2 seconds later as they bawl their giant doe eyes out at the terror, you bad bad mommy:


They’ll listen to the same song over and over and over and over and over.

They’ll take all of your jewelry out of your jewelry box, toys out of the toy box, nail polish out of your nail polish bag, spoons out of the silverware drawer, throw them on the floor, and then walk away.

They’ll fill a cup in the bathtub, try to pour it into another cup but end up pouring it all over your socks.


They’ll cry when you won’t let them wear pajamas out of the house, and then they’ll cry when you try to take them out of their day clothes before bed.

They’ll insist on sleeping with their baby, blankey, monkey, shovel, chap stick, guitar, football, a marker, and their shoes on.

They’ll want to try on every pair of sandals in the shoe store. In the middle of winter.


They’ll spot the bouncy ball tower display thingy in every store and insist they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed another ball that you know they’ll forget about tomorrow. And it’s always the ball on the bottom.

They’ll impress you every time you teach them a new life lesson, like how to open a door by turning the doorknob, how to open the refrigerator, and how to put water in their mouths and spit after brushing their teeth.

They’ll tell cashiers and neighbors and their teachers stories like, “I had different ones! Uh huh! Yesterday I had a pink one and a purple one and they didn’t match!” And only you know they’re talking about their sock choice from a week ago.


They’ll make up their own language that changes daily. Take yesterday…mamba apparently meant mommy and bahstock! meant open the door. This morning I was cah-coh, and there was no word for open the door. I’m trying, I really am.

But at the end of the day…

when you’ve made your second full dinner because the first one “wasn’t good”…

and they want you to watch Frozen with them on the couch for the 4th time…

and they want to snuggle with you because, “they like you,”….


…having an almost 3 year old will make you a little wiser, braver and funnier, too.



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5 responses to “to be almost 3

  1. Miss Jenny

    Beautiful as always! Miss you guys!

  2. Awww, yes – what an accurate portrayal. You are both beautiful! 🙂

  3. Amen, mama! Ours has also found his potty mouth – and I mean literally potty, not the cuss word business. There are too many random strangers who now know about massive poopies in our house.

  4. Karen

    If you’d let me, I’d copy and paste this post in my daughter’s theoretical baby book!! Seems pretty right on with her world!!

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