how to handle the drips

My little girl.


She’s usually a super happy kid, easy-going, so freaking funny…



…and she wants to learn how to do absolutely everything she can on her own like open the fridge and grab a piece of cheese when she wants a snack, or turn on the dvd player and start her own movie. Though lately her usual happy mood has been full of ups and downs and the downs are exhausting and hard for both of us.


Now, I normally don’t turn to Dr. Google for parenting advice, but this morning I was at my wit’s end when I googled “3 year old daughter crying all the time”. The advice ranged from ignore it and walk away, time out, and punish, to sometimes they’re just craving more one-on-one time and they’ll choose bad attention over good or no attention so give them a big hug. Interesting. My first thought was that I don’t want to reward bad behavior with a hug because it’ll only reinforce it. But then I thought, is crying really bad behavior or have I just been letting it get to me more and more where I started looking at it as bad? And 20 minutes later, she answered my question.

We were sitting on the dining room floor face to face just chatting away when it kinda crept up on me. This weekend is her daddy’s weekend with her and after daycare drop-off this morning, I wasn’t going to get to see her until I pick her up Monday night. Normally I’m a rock, but this rock had just turned into a puddle of wet sand.

“Mommy, what is that drip on your face?” she asked.

“It’s a tear, sweet pea.”

“Why a tear?”

“Because mommy is sad that I won’t get to see you for a few days. It’s ok to feel sad sometimes and right now I’m just a little sad.”

And in response to my “drips”, she wrapped her skinny little arms so tightly around my neck and gave me the best hug. She always gives the best hugs. She gave me a hug because I was crying and it made me feel better and we had some good one-on-one time right there on the dining room floor.

Message received, my lovey.


Looks like someone on Google is in cahoots with my 3-year-old.


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